The 12 Best Medical Shows On Netflix

We are all enamored by medical tv shows, the glory of the emergency room that saves the lives of those that come in and need help. The doctors and nurses that save the lives of all the people that come in to the hospital for care are amazing.

But let’s get real here. The shows that air on tv aren’t anything like the really lives of the doctors and nurses that “run” the hospital.

There isn’t a McDreamy or “hot nurse” in real life that rules the roost, well, maybe there is, but more than likely work time in a real hospital is mean for just that– work! So what are some of the best medical tv dramas that leave us wanting more even if they aren’t all that factual?

1. Emily Owens, M.D.

Emily Owens, M.D. Trailer HD

Dr. Emily Owens was the resident nerd when she was in high school, once you get out of high school those titles usually end… Right?? That isn’t the case for Emily.

Her internship and Denver Memorial Hospital is more like high school than it is a work environment. She has her enemies, frenemies, crush, and BFF right there.

2. The Night Shift

"The Night Shift" - Official Trailer

The Night Shift takes a more real approach to the lives of those working the ER in the middle of the night, hence the name of the show. The show follows a group of Army doctors that fought battles in the field and are now fighting battles in the ER.

Albeit, quite different, but they’ve got to learn and adjust as they see fit.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Trailer

Follow Meredith Grey as she learns the ropes of being an intern. Meredith is the namesake of a famous surgeon, Ellis Grey. She keeps that fact under her hat, wanting to build a name for herself, but that proves harder than sounds when it comes to the chief of surgery trying to uncover who she is. 

Meredith Grey may be green, but does she let that stop her?

4. Nurse Jackie

NURSE JACKIE - Official Trailer

Being a nurse is hard enough as it is, but throw in being a nurse in New York City with the health care system crumbling and you’ve got yourself a tricky, sticky situation. Jackie Peyton is top dog where she is, albeit, a trouble maker.

Nurse Jackie doesn’t have the ability to get through her shifts without her daily doses of Vicodin and Adderall. Does she get caught?

5. Untold Stories of the ER

Non-Pregnant Teenager Has Baby Girl? | Untold Stories of the ER

Untold Stories of the ER sounds exactly as it is. This show follows re-enactments of actual accounts that came through the ER. The show has first hand commentary from the patients, along with doctors and nurses.

Some of the re-enactments are played by the people that had the issue in the first place.

6. A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories

A Young Doctor's Notebook Teaser Trailer

Do you ever wish “old, wiser you” could have guided “younger, dumber you”? I mean, maybe you wouldn’t have made the mistakes that you did or have the issues that you have.

Follow this young doc as his older self guides him to the right direction. The younger doc is played by Daniel Radcliffe while the older doc is played by Jon Hamm.

7. Royal Pains

Royal Pains | Season 7 Recap

Dr. Hank Lawson is an affluential doctor that had the world at his finger tips until he blamed for the death of a hospital trustee. One decision ruined his career and caused him to lose his job and almost his medical license. Lost and confused and not sure what to do with his career, his brother Evan requests a favor that then sparks an idea.

The idea is to be a doctor to the affluent folks of the Hampton’s… But does it workout the way it should?

8. Scrubs

Scrubs is a medical comedy television show that aired on NBC. It is a spinoff of the popular sitcom Ted Lasso and was produced at Culver Studios. Zach Braff stars as new intern J.D. Dorian. The show features the sexy interactions of these doctors as they strive to improve the lives of those they treat.

Throughout the series, the cast breaks the fourth wall to explore the struggles of hospital resources and the romance between hospital staff members.

One of the show’s most notable characters is the character of Dr. Jackie Peyton, played by Edie Falco. Unlike many medical dramas, Scrubs has strong female characters, which makes it a good choice for women who are interested in medicine.

Many of the scenes are set in hospitals. There are many episodes of Scrubs. There are many great characters on Scrubs, and viewers are sure to enjoy it.

In addition to Scrubs, there are several other great medical dramas on television. Grey’s Anatomy is perhaps the most famous and popular, but other shows have a similar approach. While “ER” may have set the trend for doctor-based dramas 20 years ago, Scrubs is a classic example.

Also check out The Good Doctor and Grey’s Anatomy.

While Scrubs is a long-running medical drama, it has also garnered plenty of awards and praise. Moreover, it has become one of the most popular television series, and its plotline is so interesting that it may even be difficult to stop watching it.

Many viewers love the witty anecdotes that are presented in the show. The series is also filmed at the North Hollywood Medical Center, a real hospital that was also used in the 2001 movie “The One”.

9. ER

The Very First Scene | ER

ER is one of the best medical dramas on television, and a true staple of the genre. This show features a cast of brilliant and diverse doctors, and many of the scenes are set in real hospitals. The show’s characters are realistic and complex, and it often involves medical issues that aren’t easily solved by a simple solution.

It has a lot to offer, and viewers can’t help but feel for the characters.

The cast of “ER” is as diverse as the medical field. The show has a renowned history, having launched the careers of many actors, including George Clooney. The show also stars Julianna Margulies, who starred as the sexy nurse Carol Hathaway.

The cast includes Anthony Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene, and Noah Wyle, who played a pediatrician. Several familiar names have appeared over the years, including John Stamos, Sally Field, and Angela Bassett.

ER is a dramedy that has become a staple of popular television. The characters have real medical experience, and the storyline is as close to reality as any other. The characters in “ER” have great chemistry with one another, and they’re often quite relatable to their patients.

While it might not be the most realistic medical drama, ER is a great way to watch a medical drama. The show’s wacky side makes it one of the best shows to watch.

The enduring success of ER has led to an endless number of imitators. This show has become a staple of network television. This hit medical drama has influenced many other shows, and its fans have stayed loyal to its cast.

10. Private Practice

Private Practice - Trailer

The spin-off series from Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, is still gaining fans. Developed by Shonda Rhimes, this medical drama follows Dr. Addison Montgomery and her colleagues at the Seaside Health & Wellness Center in Seattle.

The series has lasted for six seasons, with steamy hookups and tear-jerking twists. Streaming services like Netflix have the entire series available for streaming.

Season two opens with the practice facing financial problems. Addison explains the situation to Sam, who then votes for the highest vote getter to become the new practice owner. The show’s characters face more challenges as Pacific Wellcare begins competing for patients with their practice.

Cooper is in the middle of the competition, but he and Addison are able to resolve their differences and reunite in the final episode of the season.

While the show is a cult classic among fans of medical dramas, it is an extremely popular choice among television viewers. Its cast is talented and intelligent, making it a hit on both television and online. The series takes on real life subject matter and offers several perspectives on the same issue.

While Private Practice is set in a small town in California, it is surprisingly popular in other parts of the United States.

11. House M.D.

House Season 1 | Trailer | iflix

House is a multi-Emmy-winning sitcom that follows the life of anti-social genius Dr. Gregory House. He has a crippled leg and an opioid addiction, and his personal life is portrayed through his interactions with his patients.

While these shows are not necessarily about doctors, they do offer a fascinating glimpse into a real-life practice.

12. Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope Trailer

A recent episode of Chicago Hope was particularly interesting. In it, the hospital staff tended to be full of boys, and one of them had been shot by a bullet. One of the kids had taken a gun and aimed it at the dying boy. The hospital staff then waited for him to die before he reloaded and fired a second bullet.

As a result, the boy died from his wound, and the young man, who was a boy, fled the scene without saying a word. The episode ended abruptly, but it was an exemplary one.

The second show was “Chicago Hope,” a CBS medical drama that is based on the novel by David E. Kelley. The series features two headstrong doctors and an equally headstrong chief of staff. While the show relies on its lead characters, the relationship between them wears thin after a while.

Initially, Dr. Jeffrey Geiger was the self-centered genius, but he soon became arrogant and demon-ridden. The show lacked depth, but eventually found a new star in Christine Lahti.

As a medical drama, ER often has a strong, dark theme and some graphic scenes. Moreover, the series depicts the lives of its cast members, including those of their patients, as well as their relationships with one another.

The dramas also deal with various issues related to medical ethics, racism, and sexism. And as with any good show, there are plenty of opportunities for family discussion as well.

Among the best medical drama TV shows, Chicago Hope is another winner. It follows the personal lives and professional struggles of the medical staff of a private hospital in Chicago. Featuring a cast of talented actors, the series lasted six seasons, with several changes in its cast and writers.

This series has won numerous awards, including seven Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes. In the U.S., the network television season runs from late September to late May.

Final Thoughts

These medical dramas are… Full of drama to say the least, but they are definitely entertaining. The entertainment in these shows go on and on and that is what sucks us in. More than likely, you’ll fall in love with one show or another.

Maybe you live the hospital life and want nothing to do with these shows. Maybe these shows are comic relief for you. Who knows. Check out these awesome medical dramas. Tell us which is your favorite!

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