Six Simple Steps To Add Parental Controls On Your Netflix Account

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Whether you watch Netflix on your laptop, tablet, or xbox, more than likely, you’re not the only one watching. You’ve got yourself, your significant other, your kids, and maybe your siblings… Who knows who you’ve got on there watching but one thing you should be concerned about?

Parental controls for your younger viewers.

Six Simple Steps To Add Parental Controls On Your Netflix Account

Why Are The Necessary?

There are tons of things, like dirty movies, on Netflix. While there may not be actual porn on Netflix, there are still shows that are strongly suggested agains. There may be shows that you don’t want your kids or your family member seeing.

Maybe there are shows that you don’t care for that have a certain rating and wish to eliminate them from your suggestion lists or maybe there are shows that you just don’t want your kids to be able to watch at all. With parental controls, that is possible.

Who Should You Set These Controls For?

You can set parental controls for any person of any age for any reason, but there are certain suggestions that you should keep in mind. It’s broken up into four categories with 14 different rating over the four different categories. The categories are as followed:

Little Kids: TV-Y, TV-G, G

Older Kids: TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG, TV-Y7, PG

Teens: TV-14, PG-13

Adults: TV-MA, R, NC-17, NR, UR

How to Set Parental Controls

1. Log into your account and go up to your name in the top right hand corner. 

2. Once you’ve clicked on your name, you’ll see a dropdown of all the profiles on your account. Click on “account”.

3. Once you’ve clicked on account, you’ll be taken to a page that has your account info on it and you’ll see “parental controls”.

4. When you click on “parental controls”, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll need to put your password–This is the password for your Netflix account. 

5. After you put your password in, you’ll be taken to a page that will allow you to create a four digit pin number that will be required to put in for the rating that you wish to block. Make sure that you remember the four digit pin that you’ve chosen. 

6. After you have created your PIN-code and you can then adjust the parental controls where you like for the comfort of control that you’d like. After you hit save, you’re done! 

Setting parental controls aren’t that hard and they are something that every parent needs to know for the safety of their kids. Do you set parental controls for your kids? What is your reasoning for setting the controls?

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