The Best Documentaries on Netflix

Watch and Learn: The 10 Best Netflix Documentaries Ever

The best documentaries on Netflix is a long list, a wealth of information, if you will.  With topics ranging from cooking documentaries to serial killer documentaries, you’ll find it all on there.  When Netflix started streaming it was mostly old television shows that couldn’t be seen elsewhere.  Nowadays, Netflix has upped the game to include documentaries that can take you to places that you wouldn’t normally go or be able to see.

Fans of the documentary, are offered a look into the views, beliefs, crimes, and experiences that are vastly different from their own.  Through the lens of the directors like Netflix we are fortunate to see a perspective that challenges the beliefs we have of our own on the subjects.  We can witness major events that we normally would not have a personal stake in, we can find out what really happened. Documentaries are a way to be there in the action without really being there in the action.

Under Arrest  [usr 4.1]

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If you love crime, if you love to solve crime, you’ll love this documentary series. You’ve got five whole seasons to work with. Don’t you just want to jump in and help these amazing police officers with the crimes they’ve been tasked with? Shout at the tv all you like, surely they’ll figure it out soon enough, right?

Blackfish [usr 4.0]

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Remember Tilikum? Chilling, right? This documentary follows the killer whales and how they are kept and held in captivity. This show also follows the theory of these whales becoming killer after they’ve been held in captivity for long periods of time. Very interesting…

Twinster  [usr 4.0]

Can you imagine not knowing that you had a sister you entire life? Now can you imagine not knowing that you had an identical twin sister your entire life? Follow these two sisters as they learn to live as sisters. The big question is, do they have only child syndrome or sibling rivalry??

Desperate Hours [usr 4.5]

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Often times we hear about the stories that the news tells, but we don’t hear the story that witnesses tell. There are often parts of the story that we haven’t heard. This documentary follows the witnesses of big events like plane crashes and super storms. You hear their side and get more to the story.

Curious and Unusual Deaths [usr 4.3]

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Often times you’ll hear about freak accidents or freak occurrences happening and resulting in death. Each episode is one hour long with about three deaths described in each episode. Follow each episode as they describe the deaths in rare detail! Don’t watch this if you’re paranoid or a hypochondriac–Surly you’ll have all the rare or freak symptoms.

Captive [usr 4.0]

There are tons of famous captive and hostage stories that we’ve heard over the years but there are some stories that aren’t told. These are reconstructions of hostage situations, negotiations, and ordeals that the average person doesn’t see everyday in their lifetime. One thing is for sure, this show will hold you hostage!

Highway thru Hell [usr 4.2]

Similar to the show Ice Road Truckers, if you’re familiar at all, with that show, this follows the lives of the tow truckers that rescue the big rigs that get themselves in a pickle. This show shows the dangers of the road and the risks they take every single day. Thank your local tow trucker– They may not have these conditions, but they are always there to save the day!

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster [usr 3.9]

Follow the band members as they decide what to do with themselves and the band life. You’ll also see “a day in the life” ten years later with each band mate. How cool is this?? It’s like you get a one on one with Metallica!

The Eighties [usr 4.7]

The 80’s were a time of change, when the Cold War ended, AIDS were becoming a known problem, and the music industry was booming. Watch what the 80’s had to offer… The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Abstract [usr 3.8]

It’s all about the design work. Watch what this talented group of designers go through as they make decisions upon decisions to make the most perfect art designs. Can you make designs like this?

Explore TV [usr 4.7]

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Follow tv host Trevor Cochrane as he scours the world for more than just an adventure. Cochrane searches for cuisine, culture, and natural splendor as he adventures around the world. Follow him to see what he finds. The epitome of living off the land.

Close Quarters Battle [usr 4.8]

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Special Forces vet analyzes military and police operations from all around the world. Will he find tactics that are out of date? Will he find better tactics for better places? Follow him to see what he finds on his journey. You’ll be surprised!

Chef’s Table [usr 4.1]

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Love watching those cooking shows? Trying to recreate those perfect dishes? Figuring out how to get the perfect flavor? Well, now you can see what master chefs have in their fridge. Follow gourmet chefs as they showcase their refrigerator and what they use for their gourmet meals.

The Mind of A Chef [usr 4.2]

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Follow Anthony Bourdain as he goes inside the mind of celebrity chefs. You’ll see how they’ve come to become who and what they are, you’ll see how they learned all the things that they learned, and what fuels their curious minds. If I watch this, will I learn how to be a master chef too? Probably not, but at least it will be fun!

Babies Behind Bars [usr 4.4]

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This is no Orange is the New Black, these are real life scenarios as we follow women about to give birth as they are behind bars. These women have a story to tell and we’ll follow them from before the babies are born until postpartum. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.