Leaving September 2016 From Netflix

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Leaving September 2016 From Netflix

Leaving September 2016 just as every month rolls around, Netflix will be adding brand new titles over the next few weeks, as well as  removing titles!  As always, we’re going to give you the complete list of everything that’s scheduled for leaving September 2016 on Netflix.

Continue to check back daily as titles are normally deleted from this list 30 days before they’re due to expire. A full list will also be released towards the end of the month announcing any changes.

September 1st

  • Alistair MacLean’s Air Force One is Down (1 Season)
  • Bruno and the Banana Bunch (1 Season)
  • Death Note (1 Season)
  • This is Life with Lisa Ling (1 Season)
  • Vampire Knight (2 Seasons)
  • Vic the Viking (1 Season)

September 4th

  • Melissa & Joey (2015)

September 9th

  • Category 8 (2013)

September 11th

  • Fringe (All Seasons)

That is the first glimpse of what’s leaving September 2016.  Melissa & Joey maybe the biggest disappointment for some viewers.  The show starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence that reminds us of Who’s The Boss from the 80’s.  Other than that we don’t see any huge upsets to worry about but again we will keep you posted when there are any changes.

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