3 Best Gilmore Girls Episodes on Netflix

Gilmore girls

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Gilmore Girls on Netflix is one of the most talked about series this year!  With the arrival of the reunion, A year in the Life, Gilmore Girls has topped the streaming services Most Binge Watched Series.  

Are you on the lookout for the three best Gilmore Girl episodes on Netflix?

Look no further.

In the first episode, you’ll revisit Lorelei, Rory and Emily Gilmore a decade after the finale of their original series. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, walks you along as the characters you’ve come to love endure four years. The first three episodes get our vote for interesting in this heartfelt and witty drama. Watch as the Gilmore ladies face peyote discussions, self-doubt and the search for happiness after death. The ladies feel lost and are also excited about the changes coming in their lives. Three generations of women come together in one town to create an episode you won’t soon forget. It’s a four part series.

In episode 2, you’ll follow Rory’s secret love affair as she continues to work through her book challenges.

Gilmore Girls Episode 2 lorelai gilmore emily gilmore

The third episode is set in the summer and stars Rory as she tries to save the Stars Hollow Gazette from shutting down.

gilmore girls a year in the life episode 3 with Rory and Lorelai pool scene

Are you a fan of the “Girls”?  What is your favorite episode?  Related Articles :Gilmore Girls Reunion coming to Netflix -Update!

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