The 11 Best Summer Movies To Beat The Heat

If you’re looking for some movies to watch this summer, there are a few titles you must check out. These films will have you entertained from beginning to end.

So what are you waiting for? Start watching these films now. You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to come back and check out the updated list every year!

1. Ice Age 4

Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift | Official Trailer HD

While the franchise’s previous entries were all very successful, Ice Age 4 stands out as a family movie that delivers on both fun and messages about friendship and family. While it doesn’t win many awards, Ice Age 4 is still an enjoyable and wholesome movie for the entire family to enjoy.

Here are some of the reasons why. The most obvious reason is its appeal to families. But you can find more reasons to love Ice Age 4.

The movie is a fun and exciting adventure with plenty of action and thrills. It takes place during the Ice Age and has plenty of fun action and comedy. It even includes many memorable songs! There are pirates, an army of ice creatures, and boats made from icebergs, but the overall effect is one that you’ll love.

Moreover, the plot is not particularly complicated, and so there’s no need to worry about the plot for kids to try and follow.

The ice-covered characters are a delightful mix of cute and cuddly creatures. The film is one of the best summer movies in years, and Ice Age: Continental Drift, is a must-see for families.

2. Adventureland

Adventureland (2009) Official Trailer - Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Movie HD

Adventureland is a romantic comedy centered around an underdog love story. Jesse Eisenberg plays James, a married maintenance man who falls in love with Em, the wife of Mike Connell. The film follows James as he tries to reconcile his financial reality with his feelings for Em.

This is a fun and hilarious movie. Read on to learn why Adventureland is one of the best summer movies.

A recent college graduate, James Brennan, has dreams of traveling the world. His dreams of studying at a top European university are dashed when he is forced to take a summer job at an amusement park. While there, he meets a woman named Emily Lewin, who is also having an affair with Mike Connell.

As his new life begins, the two begin to fall in love.

3. Jaws

Jaws Official Trailer #1 - Richard Dreyfuss, Steven Spielberg Movie (1975) HD

Another great summer movie is Jaws, a surprisingly scary one, and even though its bright summer setting isn’t conducive to scary stories, Jaws is still one of the best summer movies. The film opens with a Fourth of July weekend, as Amity Island prepares for its big weekend, and a man-eating shark lurks in the water.

While the bright visuals might make some people squirm, the movie’s setting is nostalgic and the action keeps the viewer on their toes.

4. Point Break

Point Break (1991) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed film that’s packed with memorable scenes, then Point Break is for you. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, this film stars Keanu Reeves as an undercover FBI agent who goes up against Patrick Swayze in a high-stakes chase scene.

Though there are some scenes of melodrama in the film, the overall tone of the movie is full of high-octane action and drama.

The movie follows the lives of two FBI agents, one of whom moonlights as a ruthless bank robber. The two men develop a romantic relationship and their undercover mission goes awry when the agents realize their feelings for each other. However, this relationship inevitably puts both their lives in danger.

In Point Break, Keanu Reeves plays an FBI agent assigned to catch the robber.

Its bright colors and bright characters capture the energy of summer. This summer movie will not disappoint. If you’re looking for something to watch this summer, look no further than this film. You won’t regret it!

5. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Original Theatrical Trailer

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants follows four girls on the summer before their senior year of high school. The film is about their friendship, and the highs and lows that come with being a teenager. It also shows the deep bonds between the girls, as well as the many emotional moments.

This summer movie is a must-see for young people! We recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a light-hearted summer movie.

The film is based on the book written by Ann Brashares. The film stars America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, and Blake Lively. This teen movie captures the uncertainty and questionable fashion choices of the early 2000s. It is an entertaining romp for the whole family, capturing the spirit of summer in a heartwarming way.

This teen film is a great pick for families with young children. It’s filled with campy costumes and a strong message about love and self-acceptance. The storyline follows Jamie, a 16-year-old girl, as she explores her sexuality. It’s also a wholesome family movie, with strong relationships between parents and children, as well as lessons on the allure of easy money.

6. Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise - Original Trailer | MGM

A classic road movie, Thelma and Louise was released on Memorial Day weekend 1991, and is a perfect example of why a summer movie should be a summer movie. It’s a film about friendship, but it’s also about liberation and the desire to escape societal constraints.

It’s also a perfect example of a film that transcends genre, delivering some of the best performances in the genre.

Summer is finally here, and you’re probably ready to get out of town. The next best thing is your couch. If you’re unable to take a vacation this year, the next best thing is to spend a rainy day binge-watching a movie about summer.

There’s no better way to pass a hot day than a melodrama.

For the female audience, Thelma and Louise is a classic. The female characters in this film are incredibly strong and memorable. Unlike some of the other great female-centric movies, this film centers around two rookie employees who discover the sudden death of their boss.

While Thelma and Louise may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s worth a watch.

7. The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer - Trailer

The Endless Summer is an American surf documentary film that was released in 1966. The film follows two California surfers as they paddle out to the ocean in order to ride waves in exotic locations around the world. The film is set in tropical islands like Tahiti and West Africa.

This movie has become a classic among surfers. The movie is very inspiring and has the power to capture a viewer’s imagination. In addition to its inspiring story, the film is a visual treat that will keep you glued to your seat for the entire movie.

Two California surfers decide to spend a year surfing around the world. The filmmaker Bruce Brown chronicles their experiences. During this time, they discovered the first waves in Dakar, swam with zebras, and learned the dangers of surfing in general. Their adventures are never dull and never seem to end.

Ultimately, The Endless Summer is a great film that captures the giddy spirit of surfing and its many facets.

The Endless Summer is a landmark film that inspired many surfers to travel around the world. The film’s style introduced surfing to a wider audience and influenced the development of surf and travel movies in the decades that followed. Because of this, The Endless Summer is now a classic adventure sport documentary.

In fact, it’s the only adventure sports documentary to be preserved in the National Film Registry. The Library of Congress recognized the film as “culturally significant” and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

8. Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing | Restored Trailer [HD] | Coolidge Corner Theatre

While the first half of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing is a feel-good movie, the second half escalates into a referendum on race relations and tensions between communities and law enforcement. Inspired by two real-life events, the 1986 racial incident in Howard Beach, Florida, and the 1984 murder of Eleanor Bumpurs by New York City policemen, the film has a timeless quality that can’t be denied.

Set in Brooklyn, Do The Right Thing was released in 1989 and starred Bruce Lee as Mooki, a deadbeat dad who incites a riot with police. It put Lee on the map and helped him win an Oscar for Best Director in the same year. Lee is also a producer-director and Oscar-nominated screenwriter.

This film has grown in cultural importance over the years, and is taught in schools as a history lesson.

The film’s stylistic style is purposefully strong, driven by the director’s imagination and knowledge of the unity of time and place. Lee uses a non-realistic look, avoiding the dry verisimilitude of social dramas. This means the film is visually vibrant and bursting with emotion.

The music is a fitting choice. Despite its political and racial politics, Do the Right Thing remains a highly watchable movie.

The film is a critique of Hollywood’s racism, and it does so by using real-life examples. In the film, Raheem’s friends trash Sal’s restaurant, but his neighbors are not attacked by the police. The police officers, meanwhile, dragged his body from the restaurant and arrested the rapper Buggin Out. In the film, the rage of Raheem and Sal toward Sal’s family is a symbolic representation of the racial tension and hatred, and the blood of Michael Stewart and others is on the police officers.

9. John Candy’s The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors (1988) Official Trailer - Dan Akroyd, John Candy Movie HD

Roman Craig plays the obnoxious brother-in-law in John Candy’s The Great Outdoors. He is married to Annette Bening and has two daughters. The movie is an all-around good time for families. While he may be an annoying brother-in-law, Roman Craig is also a great actor. He plays two characters in the film: an annoying brother-in-law and a cute brother.

A sequel to The Great Outdoors has not yet been announced, but it is a possibility. Although John Candy passed away in 1994, Dan Aykroyd has teamed up with the director of the first film to develop the project. The sequel has a working title, “The Great Outlaws.” It depends on which actor can take the role of John Candy, but a movie sequel would be fun to see!

Despite the lack of philosophic depth in dealing with real-life family problems, The Great Outdoors is still a good comedy with some fun bits. Although it isn’t the best movie by any of the actors, it does offer plenty of laughs and a pro-family message wrapped up in warm and wholesome Hallmark moments.

10. Lindsay Lohan’s The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap (1998) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

With Lindsay Lohan’s Parent Trap, we can say goodbye to the naughty girls in the original “The Parent Trap” and hello to a new generation of female superstars.

In this remake of the 1961 classic, two divorced parents swap their children, causing the children to be raised by their estranged parents. The girls are left behind, but they devise a plan to help their estranged parents get back together. But there are roadblocks along the way.

The remake of “The Parent Trap” was not a complete success. While many critics praised the movie’s performances, others criticized its plotline, which focused too much on teen behavior and basically copying the original. Nonetheless, it remains a solid movie for the summer.

With its comedic script, Lindsay Lohan makes a brilliant comeback as a doppleganger of herself.

11. Grease

Grease (1978) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

“Grease” is a summer classic. Featuring classic songs and memorable characters, this movie is perfect for the whole family. While it has its share of problems, it is a great time filler.

Grease has a few flaws, though. First, many of the actor’s performances lacks sensitivity and charm. Secondly, the film has a cheesy plotline.

While the movie is funny and enjoyable, it does have flaws. There are some clunky cameos and bad jokes. But that’s all part of the era when the movie was made. While critics may hate it, the audience is clearly going to love it. And that’s exactly what makes this movie so entertaining.

So, if you’re looking for a laugh-filled movie this summer, Grease is definitely worth a shot.

While it may look cool, Grease in general is a flawed film. It takes a while for the plot to come to life. Its overly clumsy plot is a ploy to get the audience to laugh. The movie’s cast is impressive, though the performances from the lead actors are not.

Despite the cheesy dialogue, the movie’s ensemble cast makes it feel more like an awkward buddy comedy than an actual movie.

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