The Best Health Documentaries on Netflix

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Looking for some entertainment on Netflix other than binge-watching hits like The Good Wife, Breaking Bad and recent additions like G.L.O.W?

Then why not take the opportunity of educating yourself with some of the acclaimed health documentaries that are proving to be surprisingly successful on the streaming service.

Whilst these health documentaries can often prove to be unsettling viewing, they can also help us to make a better-informed decision for when we next order in a takeaway.

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It was perhaps Super Size Me that really kickstarted the recent health documentary trend. This acclaimed movie was released in 2004 and instantly caught the attention of the world’s media as a result of Morgan Spurlock’s escapades where he ate nothing but McDonalds meals over a 30-day period.

Although Super Size Me starts out by being mildly amusing as Spurlock consumes double the amount of recommended daily calories, it quickly becomes a little disturbing. With a rapid increase in weight, cholesterol levels and mood swings, Spurlock became a living example of how these fast foods can have a negative upon our health.

Such was the success of this movie that Spurlock has continued his crusade by opening his own satirical fast food outlet in Ohio. And there are plenty of other health documentaries that have taken inspiration from Super Size Me.

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One of the best is Forks Over Knives which aims to teach us how avoiding processed foods in favor of a planet-based diet could significantly boost our health.

This eye-opening documentary wasn’t subtle in its methods, but it presented a strong case for implementing a change in our diets so as to avoid a range of ailments like obesity, heart disease and cancer.

As a result of both of these documentaries, many of us are now better educated about what we’re putting into our bodies.

Whether it’s researching the potential benefits of superfoods like blueberries, avocados and quinoa, trying to find organic produce on our supermarket shelves, or even seeking the healthiest option from a Thai food takeaway in our area, we’re all much better informed about our food choices.

There are plenty of other fascinating health documentaries out there too. Fed Up is a great documentary that dealt with America’s obesity epidemic by giving us an alarming glimpse into just how much sugar there is in many processed foods.

Whilst Cowspiracy’s investigation of our meat-consuming habits showed how large-scale animal agriculture could be behind many of our more worrying environmental problems, What the Health give you a real look at the unhealthy habits that many of us take to. 

All of which manage to be educational and entertaining in equal measure, and will probably mean that we’ll be more careful about what food we have delivered to our doors in the future!


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