Goosebumps: The Show [usr 3.9]

Suitable for Kids 7 and Older.

Check out Goosebumps, the show. There are five seasons on Netflix now for you to enjoy. The show follows young kids and their freaky occurrences that happen around them. They’re unlikely and at times freaky when it comes to the nature of the mystery. See if you can follow, defeat, and tame the beasts in R.L. Stine’s show, Goosebumps!

Goosebumps: The Movie [usr 3.15]

Suitable for Kids 7 and Older. 

When Zach moves to a small town, he doesn’t expect to fall for the girl next door, Hannah. The movie follows R.L. Stine, played by Jack Black, as his characters from his book come true. Zach and Hannah are in for the adventure of a life time!

Scooby-Doo [usr 2.5]

Suitable for Kids 5 and Older.

Live action and awesome. Scooby-Doo and his gang make their way to the exotic Spooky Island where something is amiss and the human race could be in danger. Follow Scooby as they figure out how to defeat the horror on Spooky Island.

The Haunting Hour [usr 4.05]

Suitable for Kids 10 and Older.

R.L. Stine does it again! There are two seasons on Netflix right now that you can binge watch for Halloween. Stine will lead you through the a creepy tour involving werewolves, clowns, and life-sized dolls. Be ware of the horror that is about to be bestowed on you.

Coraline [use 3.85]

Suitable for Kids 8 and Older. 

Coraline is a sad when she moves to a new house to find that her parents aren’t as attentive as she needs them to be. They become less and less aware that Coraline is there–So Coraline does what any young girl would do, she explores her new home. Coraline discovers an alternate reality with ultimate secrets.

My Babysitter’s a Vampire [usr 3.55]

Suitable for Kids 10 and Older. 

Ethan Morgan isn’t trusted to be left along with his little sister, Jane. The geeky freshman may not be able to handle his little sister, but can he handle Erica and her posse who are vampires? Let us hope he can because they just got hired to do the job! Based on pure magic, these vampires battle all the demons that hail a threat on the school and the students on top of their babysitting job.

Little Monsters [usr 3.05]

Suitable for Kids 8 and Older. 

There is nothing like making friends with the monsters under your bed. When Brian discovers that there are monsters under his bed, he doesn’t want to face reality at first. Tired of the denial, he faces his fears and makes way to confront them. He doesn’t expect to make friends with them.

The Nightmare Before Christmas [usr 4]

Suitable for Kids 8 and Older. 

When there is a new and exciting concept that comes to your attention, you want nothing more to make it happen in your life. That is what happens when Jack Skellington, King of Halloween in his town, discovers the magic of Christmas. He wants nothing more than to bring the spirit of Christmas to his town. Will they get it right?