The Top 10 Most Binge-Watched Shows on Netflix in 2017

What are the 10 most binge-watched shows on Netflix? You'd be surprised. (photo with feet in sneakers with TV in background)

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What are the 10 most binge-watched shows on Netflix? You’d be surprised.

Netflix is notoriously guarded when it comes to viewer statistics, just not all of them. Like, they hit the news for a hilarious shout out on twitter to the 58 people who have watched “A Christmas Prince” every day for the last 18 days. And, they have released a lot of information on the most binged shows in their line up.

The top 10 reads like a list of “shows you should be watching,” though many of us already are. If you haven’t been watching these great Netflix shows, you just may need to tune in to see what all the fuss is about.

So, here it is, the 10 most binge-watched shows on Netflix for 2017.

Netflix defined “binge-watching” devouring more than 2 hours a day. Our list of the top 10 is coming up shortly.

Along with these juicy tidbits of viewer behavior, they also recently let it be known that people are watching over a billion hours of Netflix, a week. Don’t take our word for it, according to Forbes, “This year, the over 109 million Netflix members spanning 190 countries enjoyed more than 140 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films.” They went on to spell that out for us in a trivia tidbit that you will be repeating all week: “this adds up to more than one billion hours per week.”

Netflix’s Top 10 Most Binge-Watched Shows.

1. American Vandal.

It’s not just about the d*cks. But, it starts that way, with dozens of red d*cks spraypainted throughout a high school parking lot. The mystery that ensues deals with the teenager expelled for the act, despite his cries of innocence. As clues are uncovered, it becomes clear: there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the vandalism, and likely the vandal.

2. 3%.

This Portuguese language drama imagines a world where only 3% of people can live a perfect life. A life “on the other side.” Those who struggle to pass the tests, to qualify as the best of the best and reach the other side, face life or death consequences.

2. 13 Reasons Why.

When High School student Hannah ends her life, a story begins. Not just any story, a story broken into 13 parts and sent to those who played a role in her decision to end her life. The tapes spark a series of suspenseful episodes. Obviously, with a binge-worthy result. You will white-knuckle your way through this one.

4. Anne with an E.

Believe it or not, Anne of Green Gables has escaped the musty tomes and burst onto Netflix’s most binged list. Edgy, raw real and at the same time wildly imaginative, Anne with an E just may make your top 10 list too.

5. Riverdale.

This ain’t your daddy’s Archie, Jughead, Veronica, or Betty. This modern, dark and twisted take on the Comic Book, Archie, is exactly what it is billed as. As IMDB calls it, “a subversive version” of the classic. If you are in for some drama of the

6. Ingobernable.

This Spanish Language political drama tells the story of ta fictitious Mexican First Lady. This story follows a betrayal in their marriage and her decision to file for divorce. When the President is murdered, the First Lady goes into hiding and a violent cascading series of events drags the viewer along for the ride.

7. Travelers.

This convoluted Scifi drama shows us a universe in which travelers from the future can project their conscious mind into the past. Controlling people in the past, they are in a bloody battle to stop a dystopian event they call “the fall.”

8. The Keepers.

The first of two documentaries on this list, this story is brutal and mysterious. 50 years ago, a Catholic Nun was murdered. The official story was never good enough for some. In a time when we are completely aware of many of the abuses perptrated and covered up by the Church, this nun’s story is chilling.

9. The OA.

When a blind girl goes missing and shows up 7 years later, with her sight, that is a great plot for a show. Obviously, many people feel the same way, as this drama is on the top ten list of Netflix binged movies. Prairie, the star of the show, is seen as a miracle by some and of course dangerous by others.

10. The Confession Tapes.

The stories of six people serving time for murder, who say that their confessions were false or coerced. We are all aware of the many faults in our justice system. Apparently, we are all a little obsessed with them too.

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