When will of Sense 8 season 2 be available?

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While Season 2 of Sense 8 was due to be released on Netflix June 2016, it has now been announced that Season 2 will be premiere on Christmas with the season wrapping up in early 2017.  What a Christmas gift that will be!  Jamie Clayton who plays Nomi, confirmed on social media that filming for second season is currently underway.

A Netflix Original, Sense 8, is explained as being the story of eight special people who can telepathically experience each others lives. Each person has their own special power, which is available to any other Sensates’  in the group when required.  While sometimes confusing Season 1 was also exciting, connecting us to the Sensates as they connected to each other, and eight live births.  Season 2 promises to be even more exciting as they come face to face with each other and to other Sensates.
The first season was available June of 2015 on Netflix and consists of twelve episodes.
The Eight Sensates
Tuppence Middleton
Brian J. Smith 
Doona Bae
 Aml Ameen
Max Riemelt
Tina Desai
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Jamie Clayton
What an adventure! I watched the whole season in a day…i ran across it by accident. I give this show an A for sure, can’t wait until next season- Troy
The show has won Outstanding Drama Series for the GLAAD Media Awards this year.  Watch Season 1 now so at Christmas you can open the best present of all SEASON 2.

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