Why The Void Fills Every Void for the Horror Movie Lover

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Why do we as humans love the ever enticing horror movies and films when they scare the living crap out of us? Simple, they scare the living crap out of us. The make our hearts pound and our minds race. They give us the thrill of the chase, the ability to live an alternate life for something that we would never do. Fans were thrilled when American Horror Story premiered on Netflix because of the weird nature that came with the show. Now Netflix has a new title that exhibits the strange and weird horror that we all love. Why is everyone talking about The Void?

The Void

Daniel Carter, a police officer, finds a man battered and bloody walking down the middle of the street. The only option that Daniel has is to take the man the hospital that is under construction. The hospital had been taken by a fire and is now being fixed, leaving half the hospital closed while the other half remains in operation.

The only doctor on staff is Dr. Richard Powell. He doesn’t let on that there is anything weird or going on. Daniel finds out later that there is something going on, due to the fact that there are men in white robes cloaked with not defining features.

Daniel is now trapped in the hospital with these creatures and can’t get out. There are now killings happening in the hospital and no one knows why. The killings are the least of their problems a tentacled monster makes an appearance after one of the 15 patients is murdered.

Why We Love It

All of the above mentioned story line happens in the first fifteen minutes, thus creating an action packed starter that will suck you in. Not only will you be sucked in from the first fifteen minutes of the film but you’ll sit, enthralled by all that happens. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

We love the movie due to the sheer fact that there is never a dull moment, but not in the cheesy way that give you a bored and “really??” feeling. This isn’t what you would expect but it isn’t want you wouldn’t expect either.

Why the Fans are Saying

Noel Murry from the LA Times says, ”

““The Void” is a lively, layered throwback to the days when splatter auteurs like John Carpenter, George Romero and Lucio Fulci ruled the drive-in.”

Bill goodykoontz from the arizona republic says, “It’s gloriously off the rails, unhinged, absolutely bonkers. If you’re a fan of a certain type of horror film, that’s a good thing.”

Beth Accomando from kpbs.org says, “The end result is an entertaining horror film with solid acting, impressive special effects and a script that could use more focus and cleverness.”

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The Void fulfills the void we’ve got in our crazy minds that allows us to veg out and watch the crazy, supernatural movie that is nothing short amazing. More than likely you’ll be enthralled with what film with is visual horror coming at you.


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