Why Do My Favorite Shows and Movies Leave Netflix?

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Do you ever wonder why shows and movies, especially your favorites, leave Netflix? Now you don’t have to wonder. Netflix Update is here to tell you why!

We all hate the dreaded list of what is leaving Netflix. The first and last of each month is always hardest for those that are avid “Netflixers.” We absolutely hate it to the point that we become disgusted with the list and hope to see new titles that we will actually enjoy in place of our favorites.

But did you now that there is a reason for shows and movies leaving Netflix? It isn’t just to make your life horrible, it’s not to make your day terrible or ruin your life! Let’s look at the logistics.

Why Do My Favorite Shows and Movies Leave Netflix?

The House

Look at Netflix like a rented house. There are tenants that sign a contract stating they’ve got a specific amount of time in that house before they either have to renew the contract or decide to move on. Makes sense? Well, Netflix is the same.

Think of it this way, Netflix just signed a contract with Disney stating that they have rights to their shows and movies as of now. This means that Netflix can put certain Disney movies and shows on for viewers to enjoy. There are tons of other content providers that have signed contracts with Netflix, hence the reason there is a slew of titles to watch ranging from great shows to awesome movies.

No Licensing or Streaming

Like the contract, licensing is important too. Netflix may still have a contract with the provider but there may be a problem with getting licensing for the shows or movies we want to see.

On top of licensing, there are streaming rights that come with each title. The content provider may only have a certain amount of time for streaming for each title that they have. These titles may still be on Netflix, contracted with Netflix, but you may only see them in the “DVD only” section.

Is It Worth It?

Considering that there may be a contract with the content provider, there is the question of, “Is the title worth it?”. There are tons of questions that Netflix will ask about particular titles that are up for execution, but as mention before, this is the big one. They also consider if there is better suited content for the time being that can replace the titles in question.

If the title is worth the renewal, then that title will be renewed. However, if there are better titles then that title will be 86ed and replaced with a better suited title.

Life isn’t always about the shows that we’ve taken a liking to leaving Netflix, there isn’t always an ulterior motive. Sometimes, that is just how things work. Don’t be sad when you’re shows leave! Check out their suggestion page so that you can suggest titles that you want to see! This page may not change anything, but at lease you’ll have a way to be heard with what you want by the Netflix Team!

What titles were you sad to see go? Don’t be sad, they may be back! You never know. Happy Netflixing.

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