When Will The Ranch Season 2 Be Available?

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the ranchThe Ranch

The Ranch a Netflix Original Comedy has been renewed for a second season even after some reviews that were less than complimenting.  The Ranch has a buzz worthiness with best friends Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson starring together again.


This Netflix Original series stars Kutcher (who’s also executive producer) as prodigal son Colt, a failing semi-pro quarterback who returns home to help run the family ranch.  His dim-witted brother, Rooster (played by Masterson, who’s also a co-executive producer).  The patriarch and stubborn, old fashioned  father, Beau (Sam Elliott), who has a complicated relationship with semi ex- wife Maggie (Debra Winger), who runs the town bar.

 Most of the shows you see about rural life, they’re making fun of those characters. We didn’t want to make fun of them. We want to embrace their ideals and their values.  -Ashton Kutcher in an interview with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

The Ranch marked Netflix’s second original multi-camera comedy series following Fuller House, both of which have gone to a second season.  To date most all of Netflix original titles have gone to a second season.  Two and a Half Men, directors Don Reo and Jim Patterson, introduced a new model at Netflix with 20-episodes released in two batches of 10 episodes each.  Which means Season 1 Part A will be released this fall.  Season two will be release, the first 10 episodes, in 2017.

So if you have been waiting for Season 1 Part A the wait is almost over.    Fall of 2016 will be here before you can shut the barn door.



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