What’s New On Netflix UK in September 2015

Netflix New Releases September 2015

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Netflix has been the biggest streaming giant online today and there are a lot of new films, television shows and documentaries that you can binge-watch straight away.

Who said summer is not about watching television at your home?

I know, you check in to see a good addition so that you can have a quality time with your family, or your girlfriend (if you’ve one), to take away the boredom and enjoy yourself. It feels good that way.

Each month, Netflix makes sure that new additions are made, that includes latest season of television shows, great movies and mind-boggling documentaries to entertain you. Netflix new releases on September 2015 is something similar.

It’s Britain after all and there are smattering of ace recent blockbusters for the month of September 2015. Movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Toy Story, not just that, but Toy Story 2 are coming to Netflix on September.

And, on the slate of documentaries, Keith Richards: Under the Influence, and Living on One Dollar are our favorites which is surely worth-waiting.

Here’s a complete list of what’s coming to Netflix UK in September 2015:

1st September
The Reconstruction Of William Zero (film, 2014)
Banshee Chapter (film, 2013)
Dark Summer (film, 2015)
The One (film, 2001)
Badults (TV, season 1)
Still Game (TV, season 4 and 5)
1971 (documentary, 2014)
Capital C (documentary, 2014)
Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed (documentary, 2014)
Living On One Dollar (documentary, 2013)

4th September
Bad Night (film, 2015)
Entertainment (film, 2014)
Nas: Time Is Illmatic (documentary, 2014)
I Dream of Wires (documentary, 2014)

5th September
Left Behind (film, 2014)

6th September
All Things to All Men (film, 2013)

9th September
Starry Eyes (film, 2014)

11th September
Monsters University (film, 2013)
Toy Story (film, 1995)

13th September
Still Life (film, 2013)
Promised Land (film, 2012)
The Wise Kids (film, 2011)

15th September
Only Fools and Horses (TV, seasons 1 and 2)

16th September
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (film, 2014)
Swing Vote (film, 2008)
The Odessa File (film, 1974)

18th September
Return to Oz (film, 1985)
Toy Story 2 (film, 1999)
Keith Richards: Under The Influence (documentary, 2015)

20th September
R.I.P.D. (film, 2013)

23rd September
From Beyond (film, 1986)
Night of the Comet (film, 1984)
Stargate: The Ark of Truth (film, 2008)
Stephen King’s Thinner (film, 1996)
The Kite Runner (film, 2007)

24th September
Thor: The Dark World (film, 2013)
Iris (documentary, 2015)

28th September
Planes (film, 2013)
Housebound (film, 2014)
Spring (film, 2014)

Bookmark us right now and we’ll make sure that the new updates on Netflix are listed here on timely basis! Keep checking back, folks!

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