The movie "Veronica" debuted on Netflix on February 26, 2018. true story

‘Veronica’ Is So Scary We Can’t Finish: And It’s Based on a True Story

Things are always more frightening when they are based on a true story. Don't bother locking your doors -- it won't help you escape.
Photo of couple using dating app from Black Mirror. How many dating apps could there possibly be out there? black mirror dating app.

New Dating App Tells You How Long Your Relationship Will Last

How many dating apps could there possibly be out there? Surprisingly, there are several, and a new one hit the market after the episode “Hang the DJ”
Top 10 Binges for New Netflix Subscribers

Revealed: Top 10 Binged Shows by New Netflix Subscribers

The company says it takes only 12 days for new Netflix subscribers to take their first binge. They also revealed what those binges were.
BBC wants women to stop watching Netflix so they can get equal pay.

BBC to Women: Stop Watching Netflix So We Can Give You A Raise (Video)

The BBC is having a bad week and decided to hit back. With all the usual self-deprecating British humor, of course. BBC Two tweeted a video in response to pay gap accus
People are strange and their habits may be even stranger when it comes to their ways. Recently in a study done by SurveyMonkey, it was shown that Netflix is viewed at work-- By 37% of users.

Are You Part of the 37% of Netflix Users That do This?

You won't believe where Netflix users are binge-watching their favorite movies and shows these days. People are strange and their habits may be even stranger when it comes...

Netflix Bingers Could Make This Popular Show Come Back for a Revival

Have you ever heard of a "binge racer"? No? It's ok, neither have I. Let me explain this term... A binge racer is someone that binge watches...

A Total List of Halloween Episodes on Netflix Now!

With how this year is going, Halloween is right around the corner, banging on your door. To some, Halloween means dressing up and having fun. To others,...

If You Loved South Park, Netflix New Series Big Mouth is Perfect for You!

In South Park, Colorado, four friends were sure to band together to give you a comedic ride of a life time. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny were fourth...

What Did I Just Read? A New Series About Dick

Your first question may be, "Who is Dick?"-- The answer to this? Dick isn't the name of a person, rather the name of a body part. Now...

Why The Void Fills Every Void for the Horror Movie Lover

Why do we as humans love the ever enticing horror movies and films when they scare the living crap out of us? Simple, they scare the living...

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