Should I Watch The Office US or UK?

watch the office

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A favorite of many viewers (and my personal favorite), The Office (U.S.) has been extremely popular on Netflix ever since its release. Originally, the show started off in the U.K. and wasn’t extremely popular.  However, the U.S. adaptation of the show took off and lasted for nine seasons! Normally when people watch The Office, they prefer one version over the other. If you’re lucky, you’ll prefer the U.S. one and have more to watch!

Here’s a quick glimpse into both versions of the show for you to make your own decision.

Watch The Office

The Office (U.S.), 2005-2013

watch the office

Don’t let the first season discourage you, The Office (U.S.) is a hilarious show! Viewers are often thrown off by the humor, and this stops them dead in their binge watching tracks. However if you persevere through the first couple episodes, it gets so much better! The characters develop more, you start to understand the humor, and before you know it you can’t stop watching. So what’s it about? The show follows the daily events of an office, with an extremely terrible boss named Michael Scott. While the show is definitely a comedy, there’s a little romance thrown into the mix; specifically when the show begins to focus in on Jim and Pam. The Office (U.S.) is a great choice for your next binge watching session!

The Office (U.K.), 2001-2003

watch the office

While the U.S. version was very successful, its predecessor wasn’t so lucky. The U.K. version lasted for two seasons, and only has twelve episodes. This version of the show has basically the same plot, and still has some of the same quirky humor that takes a while to get used to.

However, some people prefer this one over the U.S. version, so really all you can do is watch it to see which one you prefer.  Either way, watch The Office it is a great show to add to your Netflix list!

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