Watch Parks and Recreation, If You Love The Office!

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In the sea of Netflix suggestions, Parks and Recreation (otherwise known as Parks and Rec) comes up all the time. Shows with multiple types of humor have been extremely popular lately, and Parks and Rec is included in that category.  So if Netflix suggest that you watch Parks and Recreation here’s why. 

The show is witty, goofy, quirky, and will have you constantly laughing throughout the shows seven seasons. And if you liked The Office, Parks and Rec was written by the same writers and is filmed in the same style.

So even though most people prefer one show over the other, they end up liking both (they just don’t like to admit it).

The show and its actors have been nominated for multiple awards, and has also won a fair amount of them. If a show is that acclaimed and also recommended that often by people, then you should probably start watching it. But incase you still aren’t sure, here’s a little more you should know when you watch Parks and Recreation

Watch Parks and Recreation

NowFind Out the Rest of the Story.

Ok so here is the brief synopsis of parks and rec:  1. The story takes place in the fictional Indiana town of Pawnee, where Leslie Knope (played by SNL’s Amy Poehler) is in charge of the Parks Department.  2. Leslie is enthusiastic, and determined to be successful at her job. She also eventually dreams of becoming President of the United States. 3. The show is filmed in a documentary style and starts out with a slow plot as the viewer gets to know the characters.  4. As the show goes on, relationships and romance start to heavily impact the plot (but doesn’t that happen in every show?). The only way to describe this show is that the writers are taking something completely normal, and making it into something hilarious and extremely entertaining.

Cast and Characters

  • Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler

watch parks and recreation

  • Ann Perkins played by Rashida Jones

watch parks and recreation

  • Tom Haverford played by Aziz Ansari

watch parks and recreation

  • Ron Swanson played by Nick Offerman

watch parks and recreation

  • April Ludgate played by Aubrey Plaza

watch parks and recreation

  • Mark Brendanawicz played by Paul Schneider

watch parks and recreation

  • Andy Dwyer played by Chris Pratt

watch parks and recreation

  • Ben Wyatt played by Adam Scott

watch parks and recreation

  • Chris Traeger played by Rob Lowe

watch parks and recreation

After seeing the cast, hearing the plot and knowing that this series is as funny as The Office you have no choice but to watch Parks and Recreation.  It just might be your new favorite!   

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