Warning! Binge Watch Now Before They Take Futurama Away!

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Hold the phone… Word on the street is that Fururama is being pulled from Netflix… The reason? FOX pulled their licensing. Back in 2015 Fox hinted that they are cutting ties with streaming services or those that don’t have paid cable services due to a decline in services; This means that they are cutting ties with Netflix to make more money. Truthfully you’ve probably already seen (and felt) the consequences of this with American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Firefly, Ally McBeal, The X-Files, and House being pulled from Netflix in the previous months.

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It Always Starts With The Pizza Guy

Just like in the Walking Dead, it starts with the pizza guy (may Glenn rest in peace). Phillip Fry may not end up the way Glenn did, but it’s still sad that those streaming Netflix for shows like Futurama when Futurama is being taken away like the other amazing shows that FOX provided.

In Case You Live Under a Rock

The 25 year old pizza delivery boy with loser-like tendencies that has no real life goals or prospects has a bit of a mishap that freezes his body for 1,000 years. When he wakes up a thousand years in the future in the year 2999, he realizes that he can start over with his life and make something of himself, he doesn’t have to be the loser with no goals any longer.

Watch as Phillip Fry attempts to make something of himself… A boss delivery boy with tons of experience on how the delivery system works, his work is a bit different from delivering pizza, he now works for Planet Express Corp and has to deliver to quadrants of the universe he is now apart of.

Unlike his pizza job, he’s got a love interest in this job. Leela is a one-eyed, purple haired alien that commands the ship that Phillip works on. Along with Leela, Phillip meets Bender as well, an alcoholic robot. He makes tons of friends along the way.

Don’t Sign The Petition

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While there is a petition going around, there hasn’t been much luck that comes with signing a petition. Instead of signing the petition, try recommending shows to Netflix instead. You can recommend shows here.

If enough people suggest the same or similar titles, Netflix may be inclined to spend the money to renew a contract with content providers or get the hint to put certain shows on Netflix for the viewers to enjoy the shows that they want to see. I mean… It’s the smart thing to do.

You’re Probably Worried

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What does this mean for other FOX shows? Well, it means we are never going to see FOX shows on Netflix again… JOKE…Just kidding. Because FOX pulled their licensing from Netflix they have the right to pull their shows from streaming on Netflix. Unfortunately, that is just how it works.

At any time, shows can be pulled off Netflix due to streaming rights being pulled by the provider or maybe there isn’t a calling for the show at this time. There is nothing saying that the show won’t be back to Netflix, but Netflix knows their limits.

More than likely you’re worried that you’re going to get into a show and it will be pulled like Futurama because of the licensing. Any shows produced or contracted by FOX will be leaving Netflix streaming on July 1.

Get your binging in now before it’s too late. Don’t forget to suggest your favorite titles to Netflix. Just realize that Netflix isn’t always at fault for the content providers pulling out.   Will you be sad to see Futurama go? What shows will you suggest to Netflix? Happy Netflixing!


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