Vikings Netflix: Will It Happen? (And 3 Shows to Watch In the Meantime)

Vikings Netflix: Will It Happen? (And 3 Shows to Watch In the Meantime)

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Vikings is known as a brutal show that doesn’t go easy on the viewer, and it’ll give you a glimpse into what life might have been like if you had lived among this legendary group. Although many of the lead characters commit acts that would be considered despicable by today’s standards, viewers are hooked!
Now that you want to watch the show, chances are you’re wondering when you can expect a Vikings Netflix US deal. This article will give you the answers you’re looking for.
Here we’ll go into the issue of why you can’t find this popular show on the streaming service, what to expect if Vikings does come to Netflix, and some similar titles to feast your eyes on until then. So take heart fans of all things Norse: speculation and answers lie ahead!
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Why Isn’t Vikings on Netflix US?

If you’re wondering why Vikings isn’t on Netflix here, consider yourself in good company. It boils down to the ages-old “game of rights” that takes place between media distributors. Like any kind of media, Vikings is a property that is licensed. Because of this, Netflix has been cut off at the pass by two other major media streaming services: Hulu and Amazon.

These other entities thrive on fantastic visions of the world in their other hit shows. It’s easy to see why they scooped up this epic to prevent a Vikings Netflix combination from happening.

Hulu’s Position

Hulu currently offers a number of shows that are not set in the present day. Some of the more futuristic shows include The Handmaid’s Tale, which is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, and Future Man. Though there are also some that are set in the past. In addition to being able to stream all five seasons of Vikings, you can also digest shows like Harlots, which is set in 18th-century London.

You could even try out a show called Castle Rock, which exists in a multi-verse worthy of Stephen King.

Amazon’s Position

Amazon is also positioning itself as a leader in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. You can view seasons one through five of Vikings here as well as a number of others in a similar vein. These include shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Man in the High Castle, and several seasons of Game of Thrones.

Amazon is also developing a new series based on some stories from the J. R. R. Tolkien universe.

When Will There Be a Merger Happening on Your TV?

Unfortunately, it seems like a Vikings Netflix combo is unlikely in the present and short-term future. But how could it eventually happen? First, the other two premium streaming companies would have to alter language in their contracts with the Vikings creators, then all parties would have to sign off.

Then, Netflix would either be approached by or approach the show’s team about how they might add the series to the Netflix library. After that, there would have to be negotiations about the terms of the new agreement.

This is, of course, an oversimplification. Far more would go into this merger, making it seem unlikely, yet odder things have happened.

What Other Netflix Series Should Vikings Fans Watch?

Fortunately, you have other options if Vikings is the type of show you crave but you want to watch shows on the Netflix platform. This way you can distract yourself from pining over a Vikings Netflix union and enjoy some other stories have compelling sequences, moving moments, and fierce characters.

Marco Polo

This is a highly underrated show. It features epic journeys from one of history’s most famous characters. Though it may take some time to get into, it’s worth your while to watch if you’re looking for high adventure and plenty of exciting fight sequences. You’ll go on a journey from Italy all the way to the court of Kublai Khan. The other thing you’ll love about this series is you can finish it quickly. There are two seasons in total. It’s a  shame it couldn’t have run for longer, but unfortunately, it failed to gain mass appeal.

The Borgias

Another great series set in a time hundreds of years ago is The Borgias, a series that debuted in 2011. It follows the story of the infamous Borgia family, which came to prominence during the Renaissance. Art history lovers will be captivated, as there’s incredible attention to detail when it comes to art and brilliant cinematography. Additionally, history buffs will be able to track some of the major events that took place around the turn of the 16th century. Despite great performances from actors like Jeremy Irons and François Arnaud, the show ultimately folded due to ballooning production costs.

Turn: Washington’s Spies

This historical drama, which is set during the American Revolutionary War, is supremely watchable. This series has no lack of thrills, and it’s filled with brutal action. There was a reason the original 13 colonies decided to break away from England, and this show explores one man’s journey from being a lowly poor cabbage farmer to becoming one of the most influential spies in George Washington’s inner circle.

Along the way, you meet loyalists and even British officers who are equally as brutal, yet justified in why they do what they do. Sometimes you’ll find yourself unsure who to root for. Either way, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the conflict.


Now that we’ve given you some other shows to look into, we hope your appetite for this merger will be sated, at least temporarily. However, don’t give up hope entirely. If enough people request the show or type it into Netflix’s search bar, they may be more likely to reconsider buying some time with the property once it comes up for sale again.
Alternatively, if you’re looking for documentaries about the original Vikings, you can watch a Vikings Netflix Documentary called Vikings Unearthed. This is the story of a series of archeologists unearthing the secrets of the true history of the Vikings.

In this case, reality might just be more exciting than the fictional, though you may have to use more of your imagination.

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