Netflix Fans Are Enjoying Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You will too!


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt¬†was created by¬†Tina Fey¬†and Robert Carlock. ¬†Their first¬†idea was for the show to center on Kemper’s character waking up from a coma, but that idea was abandoned for what now fans are loving.

 The Netflix Original starts season 1 with Kimmy being an young girl in 8th grade who is kidnapped for fifteen years by Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.  Kimmy and three other women were held hostage in an underground bunker, and told that armageddon had happened and  left them the only survivors. The women are rescued and appear on the Today Show in New York City.   When the show is over, Kimmy finds herself wanting to start a new life in New York City.  As Season 1 continues, Kimmy falls in love,  goes to court to testify against the Reverend, and discovers how the world has changed in the 15 years she was locked up.

Main cast

  • Ellie Kemper¬†as¬†¬†“Kimmy” Schmidt¬†optimistic with a childlike sense of wonder and an 8th-grade education, she attempts to regain the life. ¬† Kemper is also known for her role as¬†Erin Hannon¬†in the NBC series¬†The Office, as well as her supporting roles in the films¬†Bridesmaids¬†and¬†21 Jump Street.¬†
  • Tituss Burgess¬†as¬†Titus Andromedon¬† Melodramatic and self-centered flamboyant roommate and an aspiring actor and singer. Titus cares deeply for, and is very protective of Kimmy.¬†
  • Carol Kane¬†as Lillian Kaushtupper A proud born-and-bred New Yorker she is¬†willing to do anything to make a buck.
  • Jane Krakowski¬†as¬†Jacqueline White¬†a wealthy and insecure socialite who hires Kimmy as a nanny.

The show is light hearted . goofy and a little quirky but fans are enjoying it! ¬†Don’t be left behind catch Season 2 Now on Netflix.