A person is holding a remote control while watching netflix on the tv

10 Best British Shows on Netflix

image source: pexels The UK is a goldmine when it comes to television productions. If you're looking for quality content check out some of what British television has...
Leaving Netflix - Anthony Bordain Parts Unknown.

Titles Leaving Netflix: April 2018

As new titles make an appearance on our favorite streaming service, others expire and are leaving Netflix shortly. Such is the way of things. U.S. Netflix subscribers are...
Holy moly! Look what's coming to Netflix in April 2018! (Promo photos from 'Lost in Space,' "Monty Python's Flying Circus,' and 'Troy Fall of a City.'

Titles Coming to Netflix: April 2018

Netflix fit the bill in March by providing subscribers with great new shows and news seasons of previous favorites. In April, they continue this trend with a...
Coming to Netflix: Marvel's Jessica Jones returns for a second season on March 8th.

Titles Coming to Netflix: March 2018

What's coming to Netflix in March? Subscribers will be delighted to see some much-anticipated second season of favorites are debuting this month. Specifically, Marvel's Jessica Jones finally...
BBC wants women to stop watching Netflix so they can get equal pay.

BBC to Women: Stop Watching Netflix So We Can Give You A Raise (Video)

The BBC is having a bad week and decided to hit back. With all the usual self-deprecating British humor, of course. BBC Two tweeted a video in response to pay gap accus
Coming to Netflix, February 2018: Photo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black

Titles Coming to Netflix: February 2018

What's coming to Netflix? Viewers will be happy to see that Netflix will launch some much-anticipated new seasons and movies in February.
Leaving Netflix - February 2018 - 8 seasons of Family Guy.

Titles Leaving Netflix: February 2018

Now that the holidays are really, truly gone, Netflix is shedding many of its Christmas titles in February. Unfortunately, this means we’re losing classics like The Nightmare...
The Crown has fans cramming up on their history lessons.

Searches for Queen Elizabeth II Surge As ‘The Crown’ Beguiles Fans

Fans are falling in love with Queen Elizabeth II thanks to the Netflix Original series The Crown. As a result, Her Majesty’s Wikipedia page has been flooded...
Get read for End of the F***cking World

‘The End of the F***cking World’ Starts Friday, Here’s the Trailer (NSFW)

Are you ready for the end of the world? It’s coming on Friday, January 5, according to Netflix. Okay, maybe not the actual end of the world, but...
Titles leaving Netflix for January, 2018. Photo of kids waving goodbye to Santa.

Titles Leaving Netflix in January 2018

All good things must come to an end, and being able to binge watch Lost is no exception. Sadly, that and other titles are leaving Netflix. So enjoy Law...

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