For Thanksgiving on Netflix

Since Christmas movies always dominate the month of December, we didn’t want to overlook Thanksgiving.  However Thanksgiving movies are few and far between so we took a look at some of the top sitcoms on Netflix.

There area a wide range of Thanksgiving episodes of “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother” we also found animated episodes from “Family Guy” and “Bob’s Burger” there are many Thanksgiving TV Specials available to watch on Netflix.


1. “Friends” Season 1, episode 9 – “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”

Plans for Thanksgiving dinner don’t go as planned as they decide to watch a runaway Underdog balloon from the holiday parade.  More Info…

2. “Friends” Season 3, episode 9 – “The One With the Football”

Tensions run high during a Thanksgiving touch football game.

3. “The Bernie Mac Show” Season 2, episode 7 – “Tryptophan-tasy”

Food poisoning sends Bernie into a dreamland ruled by evil kids!

4. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 1, episode 9 – “Belly Full of Turkey”

Ted and Robin shockingly see Barney doing something out of character.  Lily and Marshall  spend Thanksgiving with Marshall’s parents.

5. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 3, episode 9 – “Slapsgiving”

The beginning of a “How I Met Your Mother” tradition.

6. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 5, episode 9 – “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap”

Watch this immediately after #5.

7. “Bob’s Burger” Season 5, episode 5 – “An Indecent Thanksgiving”

Bob’s favorite holiday and he is determined to make it the most memorable yet.

8. “Raising Hope” Season 2, episode 9 – “Meet The Grandparents”

The Chances invite Lucy’s parents over for Thanksgiving.  They help themselves to everything including baby Hope.

9. “Family Guy” Season 10, episode 6 – “Thanksgiving”

It’s dinner time at the Griffin house but there’s one unexpected guest: Joe’s missing-in-action son, Kevin Swanson.

10. “Glee” Season 4, episode 8 – “Thanksgiving”

Rachel and Kurt have a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner in New York City.

11. “Gilmore Girls” Season 3, episode 9 – “A Deep–Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

The mother and daughter team must head to the Kim’s house, Luke’s, Sookie’s and Emily and Richard’s.

12. “New Girl” Season 1, episode 6 – “Thanksgiving”

With Jess’s crush in attendance for dinner, Thanksgiving goes horribly wrong in the loft.

13. “Last Man Standing ” Season 2, episode 9 – “Thanksgiving”

Boyd makes a video about why his family is thankful

14. “The League” Season 3, episode 8 – “Thanksgiving ”

Thanksgiving and Football this has both.  Rubin gets a surprise visit from his father.

15. “Parenthood” Season 2, episode 10 – “Happy Thanksgiving”

The entire family has something going on and Camile and Amber bond while preparing Thanksgiving Dinner.

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