What is TurboFlix For Netflix and Do I Need It?

TurboFlix for Netflix

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Netflix is home to millions of great television series, movies and Netflix Originals; there’s no doubt on that. But, you surely know the pain when your Netflix region don’t have an access to one of your favorite movie while it’s available on the other, right?

You might have imagined if your Netflix library could see a boost to stream those shows and movies that are not available on yours. This is what TurboFlix is for. You surely should have seen a lot of Facebook ads regarding TurboFlix and want to know if it’s legal, or a scam. TurboFlix is going to cost you, so is it worth?

Here we do a complete breakdown regarding TurboFlix for Netflix.

What is TurboFlix and how does it work?

TurboFlix is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), nothing more, nothing less. Similar to other VPN services, it provides access to Netflix users to geo-blocked contents, by running its servers through several IP’s matching different geographical locations to provide you with all of what’s available to stream on Netflix.

It tricks web servers as in the way of permitting your Netflix account to another region. There are rumors that Netflix US has over six times more content than that in Netflix Australia.

If you’re addicted to Netflix, you surely understand the advantage of VPN here, and TurboFlix is what helps you all along.

So, is TurboFlix different than other VPNs? Yes, it is. Other VPN services just create a IP bypass, but this new VPN helps to set-up Netflix for your device while the UI and setup process is all dedicated to providing you the right service, which none of other VPNs support.

There are other Netflix-friendly front ends like Getflix and UnoTelly, but TurboFlix seems to be out of the world if Netflix is the only reason you want to try a VPN service.

How much does TurboFlix Cost?

TurboFlix has a standard price of $3.99 per month. This seems to be really cheap when other VPN providers take away somewhere around $7-$10 a month. You can also test the free trial service from the VPN provider using your credit card.

Is TurboFlix good to use?

Absolutely. The only problem that’ll bother the use of this VPN provider is the internet speed. If you’ve a nice internet connection, you’re good to go. As with switching the IPs for contents not available in your region, streaming can be a bit slower while the quality will also not be upto the standard you’ve expected.

Is it legal?

Geo-blocking is ambiguous today and these blocks for some regions has broken relationship between Netflix and its users to some extent.

While there’s no legal process involved, you might be breaking Netflix’s terms of service and if you are caught Netflix might ban you from using it. But worry not, there’s been no cases reported relating to VPNs geo-block removing.

Anything else to worry about?

We’re still unsure if VPN services are completely trustworthy. Some VPN services log into your data and provide information to third-parties, which you won’t have any knowledge about.

Similar to other services, TurboFlix has also mentioned that it “may collect personal identification information from users.” This means that your data might not be secure.

But, good things come with some risks. Try TurboFlix out and you’ll not regret a bit.

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