Top Stand Up Comedians Streamed On Netflix

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Top Stand Up Comedians

The 10 Best on Netflix

Top Stand Up Comedians comes from early Shakespeare.  William Shakespeare wrote plays that were either comedy or a tragedy.  A comedy was anything play or story that had a happy ending.  A tragedy usually ended with the main character dying, a tone that was a bit dark for the ages.

Today comedy refers to all things funny or amusing.  Stand-up comedy is a form o comedy where the performer or comedian addresses the audience directly and speaks as themselves.

Netflix has so many Stand Up Comedy Shows available we have checked the entire Netflix library and found the Top Stand Up Comedians searched on the streaming service.

10. Eddie Murphy Delirious (1987) R

9. Chelsea(2016) TV-MA

8. Latin Kings of Comedy (2002) R

7. Jim Jefferies Freedumb (2016) TV-MA

6. Dane Cook Rough Around The Edges (2007) NR

5. Ralphie May Unruly (2015) TV-MA

4. Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity (2007) NR

3. Jeff Dunham Arguing with Myself (2006) NR

2. Them Idiots Whirled Tour (2012) TV-14

1. Ali Wong Baby Cobra (2016) TV-MA

Some old, some new, but all are funny!  Comedy never gets old or out-dated, so enjoy all ten of these top stand up comedians on Netflix.  If comedy isn’t your thing maybe you can try something different Reality TV Is On Netflix Top 10 Picks.


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