Halloween movies on Netflix

10 Scariest Halloween Movies On Netflix: Good Creepy Movies For Everyone

Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the best parts of America's scariest holiday is scaring yourself silly with the best Halloween movies. Whether you're...
Animated movies on Netflix

10 Animated Movies On Netflix For Kids And Kids At Heart

Everyone loves animated movies. Kids love the cartoon style, the colors, and the characters. Parents and kids at heart love the story which can sometimes have real...
Book to movie adaptations

7 Best Book To Movie Adaptions On Netflix: Written Word To Big Screen

There is nothing quite as satisfying as sitting down with a good book. Falling in love with a story is easy when you are transported from your...
Christmas movies on Netflix

7 Best Christmas Movies To Put You In The Holiday Spirit On Netflix

The cold weather. Hot coffee and warm sheets. Your favorite movies on the queue. What better way to spend your holiday break than binge-watching on Christmas movies? The...
Mindhunter Promotional Image Gritty TV show

The Gritty Netflix Originals for You to Binge

Gritty television shows hold a firm grip on our collective imagination. Netflix now has hours of gritty dark drama available for you to stream.
Couple with TV remote and popcorn

Netflix Originals That We Are Surprised You Haven’t Seen

The following are just a handful of excellent Netflix Originals you may not have seen yet.
Netflix coming of age series and movies

12 Amazing Coming of Age Shows from Netflix Originals

Netflix has some of the best coming of age movies and shows out there. Here are 12 of their most amazing offerings from the genre.
Movie poster for the Netflix docuseries, The Keepers

10 Binge-worthy Docuseries on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Have you ever heard the phrase "truth is stranger than fiction?" Well, that’s what you’ll be saying after watching this mind-bending docuseries.
Netflix brings back network TV favorites like the killing. Photo is woman standing in field, at dusk, with the words "The Killing" across the screen.

Netflix Saves the Day with All New Episodes of Network Favs

Before Netflix, entertainment could be a rough business. If a show did not perform exceptionally well, it was canceled, even if it had a loyal fanbase. We...
Comedy: Netflix Stand-Up Dave Chappelle on Stage

Netflix Corners the Market on Comedy

Who doesn't love comedy? Besides horror, it is the most enduring genre in history. While trends come and go, people always want to laugh. And with comedy...

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