Chill with these Top 10 “Netflix and Chill” Movies

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Top 10 “Netflix and Chill” Movies

We all know the term “Netflix and Chill”. If you haven’t heard the term, where have you been hiding? This list is for the guys that have no idea what movie they should be streaming. These titles were put together by women, for men, so they know exactly what movies are suitable to “chill” with.  Not in any order but they are rated!(*****is the best)

Almost Famous **** Teenage adventure love story.  Great Music.   Starring Kate Hudson


The Notebook***** – This is an all time favorite of most woman.  It’s a love story so be prepared.  Starring Ryan Gosling, who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling?

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Save the Last Dance ***** A “hot” movie with a lot of tension and dancing.  MMM MMM!   Starring Julia Stiles.

Meet Joe Black **** For the lady that loves a twist on a “love” story this is it. Not your average “love” story.  Starring Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt.

Silver Linings ***** Another “HOT” love story!  This has something for men and woman.  Dancing included!  Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence that make a terrific pair.


50 First Dates **** A comedic twist on “love” .  Lots of laughs as well as love. Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.


Across the Universe **** A musical with songs featured by The Beatles. Starring Evan Rachel Wood.


Spanglish ***Another comedy love story.  Adam Sandler is always a sure thing!


Stuck in Love **** A grown up comedy love story.  Real life story with laughs along the way. Starring Greg Kinnear and Kristen Bell.



What are you doing still reading this article?  You should have the popcorn ready and the movie queued up. If you are still reading this article you may need more help then this list.  Hint Hint!  Stop reading and start streaming! Good Luck!

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