Top 10 Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now, Updated

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Horror Movies That Will Make You Scared Of The Dark

Of course, Netflix is the main source of streaming collections of instant movies. Trimming the numerous titles down to the following list of 10 Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now was quite a daunting task.  So you want horror? You got it.

Blood And Gore

A Nightmare on Elm Street ( Just Added)

Freddie Krueger is your vote for the scariest “horror-phobia”  and you can watch him on Netflix.  Listen for the famous razor blades scrapping along the metal.

Would You Rather

So you like to play games?  This game is high stakes and terrifying.

Children of The Corn

A couple is stranded in a small town that is run by a group of children who murder adults at the command of their leader.


The Den

A young woman witnesses a murder online and now her friends and family are being targeted by the killer.


The Chosen

A mother must choose six blood relatives to sacrifice to save a young girl from a child stealing demon.

Dead Silence

A grieving man is forced to return to his hometown where he is face to face with a ghost of a ventriloquist



We Are Still Here

A couple that are healing from their son’s death find themselves being  tormented by spirits in the rural town where they just moved to.

Animal Horror


The Pack


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