Titles Just Added This Week! The List Will Amaze You!

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Titles Just Added This Week On Netflix!

15+ New Seasons, Movies and Shows to Choose From!


Season 14 Just Added

Titles just added, it feels like Christmas just came early,  because there are new seasons of Longmire, Last Man Standing and The Family Guy to name a few.  As well as, a zombie film, a romantic chick flick and a few stand up comedians.  This list is a quick reference for any subscriber.


New Seasons:

Longmire- *Season 5*

A Wyoming sheriff tries to put his career and life in order after his wife dies.

Last Man Standing- *Season 5*

Tim Allen stars as a the man of the  house but the house is  full of woman, this show takes a comedic look at his life.


Person of Interest-  *Season 5*  When Former CIA agent Reese and billionaire software genius Finch the results are a vigilante crime-fighting team.

Bones- *Season 11* A forensic anthropologist who has an impressive ability to read clues from victims’ bones, is teamed with a former Army sniper, who mistrusts scientists when it comes to solving crimes.  The two become entwined both professionally and personally.

Wallander– *Season 4* This British TV  Crime Drama is based on a book series by Henning Mankell.

Wallander (UK). Säsong II, episod 1. Kenneth Branagh som Kurt Wallander.

Family Guy- *Season 14*


Portlandia- *Season Six* Home to weirdos, hipsters, thick glasses and wit that describes the town of Portland.


Mysteries of Laura– *Season 2*

Laura Diamond is a brilliant NYPD homicide detective striving to balance her day job with a chaotic home life, including twin boys and a soon to be ex-husband and a stunning boss that seems to make it all better.



The End – *Season One*

This is a brand new series on Netflix.  From the opening scene you will be captured.  The series tells a story of  a woman who sets out to discover the truth behind her missing husbands finds herself tangled in a web of family secrets and schemes.


Netflix Original

Easy- *Brand New*

Another brand new series,  but this one is a Netflix original.  The series follows a group of Chicagoians throught first dates, freinds with benefits, and  parents with kids.


Stand Up Comedy


Margaret Cho Psycho


Audrie and Daisy




1920 London Fear Strikes Again

The Call Up

Natural Born Pranksters

Sunset Song

Kids Shows

Veggie Tales

Reality Shows

People Just Do Nothing


That list is quite lengthy for the end of September, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for October.  If you want to preview what is coming in October check our list for Coming In October 2016!


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