‘The Walking Dead Season 6’ Is It Available on Netflix?

The Walking Dead Season 6 Netflix

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Netflix

The Walking Dead Season 6

What Fans Have Been Waiting For


The Walking Dead Season 6, as well as the other 5 season chronicles the life in the weeks and months following the zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes, the head police officer, along with a group look forward to finding a safe and secure home by fighting against zombies which take a different turn when humanity moves towards cruelty for the sake of living.

American horror drama series The Walking Dead is one of the most followed television series in the world. Best suited for people ages 18-49 the show has been renewed due to it’s increasing popularity and ratings.  The Walking Dead season 6 premiered in October 2015 on AMC and has a total of 11 episodes which concluded in March 2016.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you probably want to know if you can watch The Walking Dead Season 6 or not.

Here are the details regarding all the episodes of the sixth season of this horror drama series, provided it’s streaming in your Netflix region.

Episode 1: First Time Again
Episode 2: JSS
Episode 3: Thank You
Episode 4: Here’s Not Here
Episode 5: Now
Episode 6: Always Accountable
Episode 7: Heads Up
Episode 8: Start to Finish
Episode 9: No Way Out
Episode 10: The Next World
Episode 11: Knots Untie
Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet
Episode 13: The Same Boat
Episode 14: Twice as Far
Episode 15: East
Episode 16: Last Day on Earth


It looks like the sixth season of the show has now concluded and will be making its way to Netflix soon.  Prediction is October in looking at the past streaming schedule.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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