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The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story is currently streaming on Netflix.  This 10 part series retells of the dramatic story of the OJ Simpson trial.  As well as the major events that led up to it.   The “trial of the century” is brought into the lime light again, however this time we get to see what went wrong and why a murderer got to walk away. In this version of The People VS OJ Simpson, John Travola plays Robert Shipero, Cuba Gooding Jr. plays OJ Simp and  David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian.  Many critics have praised the series, in addition The People vs OJ Simpson has been nominated for an Emmy.

The Plot

The opening scene flashes back to 1991 just after the Rodney King verdict.  At a time when Americans thought it was a good idea to riot the city of  Los Angeles.  The crime takes place on June 13, 1994.  A neighbor finds Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman brutually murdered at her Brentwood Estate.  The police found bloody footprints, a glove that matches one found at the crime scene, and other evidence that seemed insurmountable making Simpson a prime suspect.  However,  money can buy the best lawyers and that is exactly what Simpson does in The People VS OJ Simpson.

The End

The People Vs OJ Simpson ends very similar to his career.  With a depressed Simpson looking up at the statue of himself in his glory as a football star.  In the background fans are cheering.  The screen slowly fades to dark.

the people vs oj simpson


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