The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For– The Fosters vs. Switched at Birth

the fosters vs switched at birth

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All too often on television we see reality shows that are far from reality. They’re misconstrued with false ways of life, unrealistic to the fact that not all live lives of luxury. But every once in a while we see a great show here and there that really depicts life and what happens in everyday life. But do we ever really get lucky enough to have two shows like that? Now we do! So let’s see where we left off with these two spectacular shows.

Switched at Birth

Season 5 on Netflix May 11, 2017.


Season 4

Bay Kennish is going on about her normal life when a simple high school experiment lets her be aware that her parent’s may not actually be her biological parents. Her blood type doesn’t match her parents which is an obvious indicator that something is off. A chance meeting with Daphne and her mom, Regina allow them to come to the realization that the two girls were switched at birth. We follow Bay, Daphne, and their families through life as they get to know each other and learn to live with each other.

Where We Left Off

We start the season with the normal drama. Bay had her first art show and you see Emmett apologizing, followed by kiss from Travis… Talk about confusing. Daphne is kicked out of the program, but decides to go to to China anyway after Mingo said they needed to take a break with their relationship.

We were all throttled when the story line jumps ahead ten months and we see Bay and Daphne living their lives in China. Bay works as a tattoo artist and Daphne is working in a clinic. They’re adjusting to their lives when they suddenly get a phone call from home that leaves them with shocking news.

What was the big news? What will this news do with their time in China?

The Foster

Season 4 on Netflix May 11, 2017.


Season 3

Stef and Lena are a hard working couple, in love, and happy with their adoptive twins and Stef’s biological son, Brandon. Lena has a soft heart when she meets Callie, a teen in the foster system, hardened by life. Instead of leaving Callie on the street, so-to-speak, she brings Callie home as a part of their family. Callie, not having a family of her own doesn’t always understand the dynamics that come with a family.

Where We Left Off

After Callie and Justina (her investor) have a disagreement about Fost and Found, Justina decides to play dirty and outs Callie and the restraining order that Stef and Lena have against her, restraining her from seeing Brandon. Being that Justina was a large investor, she had press following them with the development of Fost and Found. 

The revenge that Justina got against Callie may tear the the family apart. With their dirty laundry aired, the press bombards Callie with questions about the matter and when Lena and Stef find out, they threaten to sue Justina until they find out that her accusations are true.

How will these affect the family? What will the consequences be?

Crazy, right? A ton of things happened in the prior season of each show, so much so that a visual recap may not be a bad idea… The great thing about these to shows? Their new seasons are finally available on Netflix. Be prepared for a binge worthy weekend with these two hits. Which show are you most looking forward to watching? Switched at birth or The Fosters?

Tell us what you thought about previous seasons of your favorite! What are you most excited about for the next season? Check out our Facebook for more updates on who won the Facebook live poll. Happy binging. 🙂


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