When Will The Crown Be on Netflix?

The Crown netflix

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Upcoming television drama series, The Crown is created specially for Netflix by Peter Morgan. This television series will depict the biographical story about the British royal family.

Written and directed by Peter Morgan himself, this biographical television series will feature Matt Smith and John Lithgow as the co-stars. According to Netflix, the first season will begin as the 25-year-old Princess faces the daunting prospect of leading the most famous monarchy while forging a relationship with war-hardened Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Netflix has been looking forward to adding a lot of originals to its basket. Delving into the darkest corners of Washingon DC in the series House of Cards, political drama are said to have made an impact on increased viewers in this online rental.

The show will revolve around the story of Queen Elizabeth II, and Claire Foy of ‘Wolf Hall’ will be playing the role of Her Majesty.

Peter Morgan’s movie ‘The Queen’ won Helen Mirren an Oscar and this is his journey of chronicling the history of Britain again…but in the form of a television series.

The series will have 10-episodes for the first season and will capture the changes and complexities of a post war world.

So, if you’re wondering when ‘The Crown’ will be on Netflix, we don’t have an exact date this time. However, the series is set to premiere somewhere around the mid 2016.

We’ll keep you posted!

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