The 100 Season 3 has been available on Netflix since November and fans of the show are shocked! Can these kids face any more adversity and survive? If you haven’t watched The 100 season 3 you should catch up with the rest of us. Here is a brief synopsis of what to expect.

The 100 Season 3

The third season joins¬†Camp Jaha, now renamed “Arkadia”. ¬†This comes to the camp being ¬†under new leadership¬†when Pike is elected over Kane as chancellor. ¬†Pike then begins a war with the Grounders. ¬† A.L.I.E., was revealed as the ones responsible for the nuclear apocalypse that hit¬†Earth 97 years before the 100 were sent to Earth. ¬† The artificial intelligence (A.L.I.E)¬†takes over the minds of nearly everyone in Arkadia and the capital of the Grounders. ¬†After 14 episodes in season 3, the last two episodes(15 and 16) are in two parts titled¬†Perverse Instantiation where Clarke manages to destroy A.L.I.E. ¬†A.L.I.E. maybe humanity’s only chance at survival. ¬†Clarke is given a glimpse of earth showing her another apocalypse that is¬†caused by numerous¬†nuclear reactors around the world melting down. ¬† We are lefte wondering if A.L.I.E. is lying.

Rotten Tomatoes, gave the third season of The 100 an overall rating of 100%.

However, from the ashes, they will rise or will they?  A new season of The 100  begins February 1 on The CW. So we should see the new season 8 days after the season finale.  But until then enjoy this trailer of season 4 of The 100.