12 Amazing Coming of Age Shows from Netflix Originals

Netflix has some of the best coming of age movies and shows out there. Here are 12 of their most amazing offerings from the genre.

The 15 Most Awesome Netflix Teen and YA Shows: Not Your Grandma’s TV

While the youth of America come of age and prepare to take over the world, Netflix teen and young adult shows give them an arsenal of entertainment.

Revealed: Top 10 Binged Shows by New Netflix Subscribers

The company says it takes only 12 days for new Netflix subscribers to take their first binge. They also revealed what those binges were.

Netflix Wins 5 out of 6 Golden Tomato TV Awards

Netflix is our favorite for many reasons. So many, in fact, it is wonderful to see them rewarded with not one, but five out of six “Golden Tomato” awards. What is a Golden Tomato Award Anyway? The Golden Tomato is an award given by the aggregate review website Rotten Tomatoes. These awards started as a […]

Netflix May Have Just Sent the Nicest Cease and Desist Letter Ever

We are all aware of the epidemic that Stranger Things. Stranger Things captured out hearts with the 1980’s feel of the show. The gore and the horror that came with the darkness of the show was something that captured out attention right away. When the show started off, it hit with a bang. The small […]

We’ve Got Some News on Stranger Things– Check It Out Here

We are all aware that Netflix has done it’s fair share of canceling shows. Let’s not ignore the huge elephant in the room– Fans were outraged when Sense8 was canceled. Sense8 was loved by all due to the sheer fact that there was a different vibe with this show. The show may have been supernatural, […]

Are You Ready for Stranger Things Season 2?

We all remember when Stranger Things appeared on Netflix back in July of 2016. It was all the rage. The show that everyone gobbled up and couldn’t get enough of. There was a sense of mystery and darkness that came with the show. It pulled from great 80’s movies like E.T. and Stand By Me, […]