Netflix Corners the Market on Comedy

Who doesn’t love comedy? Besides horror, it is the most enduring genre in history. While trends come and go, people always want to laugh. And with comedy existing in every form imaginable, there is still something for everyone. Knowing this, Netflix has been on a crusade to conquer the collective chuckles of the nation, and […]

The 5 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix for Thanksgiving

During the long Thanksgiving week off from school, kids get restless and bored. After the grand finale of the Macy‚Äôs Thanksgiving Day parade when Santa ushers in the holiday season, there‚Äôs a lot of down time to fill. With Black Friday madness and winter weather, family movie nights during the Thanksgiving weekend are the perfect […]

Are You Part of the 37% of Netflix Users That do This?

You won’t believe where Netflix users are binge-watching their favorite movies and shows these days. People are strange and their habits may be even stranger when it comes to their ways. Recently in a study done by SurveyMonkey, it was shown that Netflix is viewed at work– By 37% of Netflix users. Thanks to Business […]

Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids on Netflix!

One word… Caillou. Did you get a cold chill too? The hair probably stood up on the back of your neck. Let’s just say a little “thank you” to the Netflix Gods that Caillou isn’t on Netflix. There are tons of movies and shows on Netflix that are way better anyway. Why not stash away¬†a […]

The Dirty Details– Movies Mom Will Love On Netflix and Gift Ideas

Mothers day is fast approaching… Hint, hint! It’s coming up on Sunday, May 14, 2017. If you haven’t gotten mom anything, why not plan a special day for her? Mom doesn’t want fancy presents or expensive gifts. She doesn’t need to be pampered at the best spa or receive a gigantic bouquet of flowers. You […]

Kids Movies On Netflix

¬†Kids Movies On Netflix We have searched the entire Netflix data base looking for a movie that is appropriate for the entire family. ¬†Movie that the youngest, oldest and even you the parent would like. ¬†We believe that this list puts it all in one place. ¬†Movies were rated by kids for kids!   My […]