12 Awesome Hacks to Get the Most Out of Netflix

Netflix has saved our entertainment lives. For those of us too busy to follow regular network programming, Netflix has served up endless seasons of bygone-era favorites and fresh new takes from Netflix Originals. But sometimes we need tips or some good hacks to get the most out of it. Sometimes we get lazy. We fall […]

Offline Streaming Limitation on Netflix? No Biggie!

About a year ago, Netflix joined the modern world and allowed you to start streaming titles offline. Pretty great, huh? This allows you to watch shows when you don’t have internet. Going on a plane trip? No biggie! You’re able to watch your shows where ever you go. The down side? You use data and […]

5 Easy Steps: How To Suggest Titles To Netflix

One word that can make an entire population go nuts? Netflix. Two words that can make a population go absolutely mad? Leaving Netflix. The great thing about Netflix? There are over 4k titles that you can instantly stream in 1080p. Ten or fifteen years ago, this technology was mature for it’s day and age, but […]