Netflix Saves the Day with All New Episodes of Network Favs

Before Netflix, entertainment could be a rough business. If a show did not perform exceptionally well, it was canceled, even if it had a loyal fanbase. We feel ripple effects of this today, many of us pining for shows we loved but weren’t mainstream enough for TV. Some shows simply never had large-scale appeal, only speaking […]

Fuller House Fans Breathless As Netflix Confirms 4th Season (Video)

Fuller House fans have finally gotten what they’re wishing for… Netflix just confirmed that they’ve given the greenlight for a fourth season.

Announced: Fuller House Season 3 Release Date!

We all remember the from the late 80’s and early 90’s that captured out hearts. The show of three lovable men and three little girls going through life and and learning to live through life’s tough journey. We all remember the theme song, Everywhere You Look, and more than likely you sang along every time Full […]