Disney’s Pricing Will Rival Netflix– Here is What They Have to Say About it

We all remember the day like it was yesterday when Disney announced that they would be going out on their own way back when in August. For many this news came as astonishingly, horrible news as they either have someone in their family that enjoys the Disney movies or they, themselves watch the Disney affiliated […]

Disney is Leaving Netflix– Say Bye to These Titles

Everyone, including the twenty somethings and parents were thrilled back in 2015 when the contract with Disney was announced with Netflix. The contract allowed for certain Disney titles like Moana and Finding Dory to be on Netflix. For some, the Disney contract was a way for us Disney lovers to get our fill of Disney […]

A Star Wars Title Coming To Netflix?! Yes Way!

Netflix is about to get a whole lot more interesting when it comes to things to watch. There are plenty of things to watch on Netflix when it comes to different genres, different titles, and different movies but there seems to be one thing missing when it comes to viewing pleasure. One thing that could […]

Check Out These Disney Movies on Netflix Plus New Releases!

June is a great month for Disney movies, I tell ya. Thanks be to the Disney and the contract that Netflix now holds with them; This makes streaming Original Disney Channel and Pixar movies more readily available in an instant. For any and all the Disney fans, moms of toddlers and smaller children, and those adults […]