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Netflix has some of the best coming of age movies and shows out there. Here are 12 of their most amazing offerings from the genre.

5 Netflix Shows Every Parent Should Watch With Their Teenager

Thereā€™s a plethora of movies and TV shows on Netflix that parents can watch together with their teenager. Many address areas of controversy; because thereā€™s so much drama in teensā€™ lives that it naturally finds expression in entertainment media. But,Ā drama in adolescence isnā€™t really new for any generation, and complaints about the behavior of young […]

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Atypical Season 2 Confirmed–Here is What You Can Expect!

Premiering on Netflix on August 11, Atypical took viewers by surprise. The show premiered with 8 episodes in season one. We were introduced to Sam, an 18 year old boy that was on the spectrum with an overly protective mother; I mean, who isn’t protective over their kids? High school is hard enough but when […]

Atypical is on Netflix–Check it Out!

None of us in this world are really normal. I mean, what is normal? There is nothing saying that you’re a freak for having a certain color hair or you’re super normal for other things. Life is just about going through and succeeding with what you have. But for some, they’ve got a little extra […]