The 15 Most Awesome Netflix Teen and YA Shows: Not Your Grandma’s TV

While the youth of America come of age and prepare to take over the world, Netflix teen and young adult shows give them an arsenal of entertainment.

9 Great Netflix 2017 Shows And Series You Must Watch Before Year’s End

Netflix keeps coming through for us with great shows to watch. So many, you may not even realize how many options you have. With their huge selection, you may not have managed to watch every show that you really wanted to this year. We’ve gathered nine Netflix 2017 Original shows, six series and three movies, […]

What Did I Just Read? A New Series About Dick

Your first question may be, “Who is Dick?”– The answer to this? Dick isn’t the name of a person, rather the name of a body part. Now your second question is, “Netflix is making a series about the male sex organ?” Well… Not quite. While the most searched term list under Netflix is porn on […]