Supernatural Season 11 Is Now Available!

Supernatural on Netflix

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Why are so many subscribers asking about

Supernatural Season 11?

Supernatural on Netflix

Supernatural  is the haunting series that follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester on their terrifying journeys while escaping monsters.  The brothers were raised by their father after their mother was killed by a supernatural force. Father and the brothers track down mysterious and demonic creatures.   Memories and secrets have stuck with Sam and Dean even as they investigate all the monsters from our dreams.  The brothers learn to rely on each other.   Friends betray them and old tricks of the trade become useless with the new enemies that they discover.

Dean and Sam do not get paid for their hunting, the brothers earn their living and pay for their hunting equipment through  fraud, poker winnings, and hustling.

Season 10 of Supernatural ends with Sam reawakening Crowely’s dark side and Dean making a drastic decision.  Season 11 has many things revealed!   Fans will get to see episodes including  a hotel that is devoted to Lizzie Borden, Sam’s imanginary friend makes an appearance and werewolf hunts go wrong. The show has millions of fans and now you can see why just like Jenifer (see below)  fans can’t get enough of the Winchesters!


A great sic-fi, horror, thriller, and drama all rolled into one!       Jenifer, Supernatural Fan

In conclusion, Supernatural is a Netflix series that subscribers are binge watching and now you know why.  Binge it today!

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