Supergirl Season 2 Release Date Is COMING SOON!

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 Supergirl Season 2 Release Date

is Sooner than you think!

Supergirl took Netflix by storm this summer, leaving subscribers with the big question of “When Will the Supergirl Season 2 release date be?”

Supergirl is fairly new to the Superhero genre,  but recently it has grown over the past few years thanks mostly to The CW and Netflix picking up DC.   Initially airing on CBS with it’s first season,consisting of an initial 20 episodes, on October 2015 and wrapping up in April.  That season was picked up by Netflix in September.

Supergirl now airs on CW which means with the new deal between CW and Netflix that Supergirl Season 2 release date for Netflix may be as early as APRIL 2017.   There has been no announcement from Netflix yet.

Season 2

Season 2 will be 22 episodes and rumor has it that we will be seeing SUPERMAN and more of The Flash and Arrow crossovers.

The deal between the two means that all CW shows will be on Netflix ready to stream 8 days after the season finale is on the network.

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Enjoy the Trailer of Supergirl Season 2

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