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stranger things theories

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Every Stranger Things fan out there has seen the trailer for season two, and it has people talking! Find out when Season Two will Air on Netflix.  Twitter and various other social media sites are blowing up with stranger things theories, and it has us wondering too.


The trailer was confusing, but some people might have made sense of it.   Maybe it’ll clear some things up, but we’ll have to wait for season two to release to know if any of these are correct or not. Here are some of the most popular fan theories!

Stranger Things Theories

1. Could Hopper Really Be Eleven’s Father?

Stranger Things Theories

This theory is by far on of the most talked about ones out there, and it makes sense! How else would he know so much about her? For example, no one ever tells him about her love for Eggo Waffles, but somehow he knows. Is it a coincidence that he did have a daughter?  I thought this as soon as Eleven showed up!   This one blows our mind, but we can definitely see it being true.

2. The Upside Down Is All In Eleven’s Head…Hmm!

Stranger Things Theories

If Eleven can crush cans and even kill people with her mind, why wouldn’t she be able to create her own world?   Not many people have thought about this one, but it’s definitely a possibility!

3. Maybe Eleven IS The Monster!

Stranger Things Theories

“I am the monster.” Eleven said it herself! But how would this work? Some fans think that her and the monster are one; if she dies, so does the monster. We aren’t so sure if her quote should be taken that literally, but she’s so powerful so who really knows? You’ll just have to watch season two to find out!

4. Where are all the other “Super” kids?

Stranger Things Theories
Stranger Things

Eleven the only test subject we know about and the only one that “escapes”.   But if she has a tattoo of the number “011,” it would make sense that there were likely at least ten other test subjects.  So, where are they? Will they have the same powers as El?

5. Will Nancy end up with Jonathan or Steve?

Stranger Things Theories

At the end of season one, we see Nancy in Steve’s arms, but did you notice her distant stare? This may be hinting at her ending up with Jonathan. The two teamed up to defeat the monster and she just gave him a camera to replace the one that Steve broke. That seems like kind of a big deal, but we’re going to have to wait for the release of season two to see if it actually mattered much.

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