‘Stranger Things’ Bingers Just Got the Best News Ever…

Netflix just gave "Stranger Things" fans something to celebrate this holiday season. Stranger Things screen shot

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Netflix just gave Stranger Things fans something to celebrate this holiday season. It’s official; they have renewed the series, we will see a Stranger Things Season 3. Even more exciting? There is already rumors of Season 4 and a glorious ending to the nostalgic supernatural 80s culture homage.

The release date is still TBA, but it will likely be sometime in 2018. We know, that is far too long to wait, but you can’t rush a good thing! The Duffer Brother’s hit show is already highly anticipated.

There are a lot of very excited people, if the reaction to a recent poll is any indication. When Netflix put the poll out on Twitter, almost 500,000 people responded that they wanted another season of this amazing show.

Bingers of Stranger Things rejoice! (and this is a binge-worthy series.)

In fact, though Netflix doesn’t release viewership stats, according to Neilsen, it only took three days for episode one of Season 2 to rack up an impressive 15.8 million views. Not only that, but 361,000 people voraciously devoured all nine episodes of Season 2, on the first day it was available to watch in October 2017.

Stranger Things is award-winning, as well, netting 5 Emmy Awards in 2017 after an impressive 18 nominations. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards also bestowed the series with “best drama series ensemble.” Awards which show that this genre series has done what few in that category ever achieve, drawing critical acclaim.

Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Now for that juicy Season 4 rumor According to MTV, actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, told the Independent: “We’re talking about ending Stranger Things at either season four or season five. I know there is an end to the story. It’s a very beautiful end, which we want to tell and then get out.”

Harbour went on to say that there is a “definite end to the story,” and he’s excited about it. His semi-cryptic statements may even indicate a season 5, but, “we’ll see how long it goes.” His statement closed with some scintillating promises, “We’ve already been laying out the pipework. There are Easter eggs in season one that you won’t get until season four.”

No Stranger Things binger will be disappointed by that possible ending, either, if Harbour is right about this, “You’ll look back and say, ‘we’ve been seeing this story the whole time, we just haven’t realized it.’ To me, that’s wonderful,” he said.

That sounds pretty wonderful to us, too. Well, to put it in a more Stranger Things way, it sounds “bitchin’!”:


And, as a refresher, the Season 2 trailer:

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube promotional video

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