Stranger Things Season 2 , Will Eleven Be Returning?

Stranger Things Season 2 Release Date

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Coming Soon Stranger Things Season 2

Will Millie Bobby Brown be returning to Stranger Things in season 2 in her role as Eleven.

Stranger Things first season has left fans with many questions but the looming question remains what will be the fate of Eleven. Millie Bobby Brown played the mysterious girl with special powers and an iconic buzz cut.   Watch as she shaves her head for the role which launched her into an overnight sensation after the release in July.


After watching the season finale there was a question whether she would return to the show.   No one, including the creators were committing when it came to saying whether she would return or not.  This was too much too handle!  

According to online sources Millie Bobby Brown will reprise her role as Eleven in season 2 of Stranger Things.  Netflix has yet to confirm this report.

Eleven is a major piece in the show and continuing without the story of this character would have big impact on the overall story of the the series.    Hopefully, she comes back stronger then ever with her powers and her abilities to fight back against the people that did this to her and others like her in Season 2

We have not received an official release date for Stranger Things Season 2 but our best predictions would be arriving sometime in 2017.   Season 2 takes place about a year later and will dive into Will’s disappearance. 

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