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We are all aware that Netflix has done it’s fair share of canceling shows. Let’s not ignore the huge elephant in the room– Fans were outraged when Sense8 was canceled. Sense8 was loved by all due to the sheer fact that there was a different vibe with this show. The show may have been supernatural, but there were real aspects that led everyone love the show. There wasn’t any notice when it came to canceling, but it did happen.

But for once, this isn’t about Netflix canceling a fan favorite. This fan favorite was the third most watched Netflix original when it came out, coming into the ratings at 14.1 million viewers. That is a pretty high rating, if you ask me… So what show are we talking about? Stranger Things, of course!

The show where Will and his friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are just happy your boys. They’ve not a care in the world until they have to. We start out seeing them playing together until their called back by their parents. They grab their bikes and head on home. They think nothing of it when Will gets separated from the group and finds himself near the laboratory.

Getting close to the lab is a problem when an experimental monster that has escapes chooses him. Will doesn’t recognize this until he has made it home safe and sound. That’s when he realizes that he has been followed. Season one ends with a mystery. Will is still missing and there are strange things going on in Hawkins, Indiana.

While season two has not been released yet, it surely will make an appearance on October 27. Fans have been anxiously waiting for the second season to find answers of what happens to Will.

Fans have tons of questions about the sequence and time line of events. They want answers as to what has happened. The Demogorgon may have gotten Will in the beginning of season one, but something even bigger came after him after that.

Will lives in the upside down for a time and his family is hysterical knowing that they can’t fix it or find him. Once Will is found that doesn’t mean that he is safe. Stay tuned for season two!

Even better than season two? We just got word that Stranger Things was renewed for season three and season two hasn’t even “hit the shelf” yet. How cool is that? The Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross, the creators of the show have all the faith in the show that they want to be sure that their fans know that they will get to see the end of the series.


What are your predictions for season two? Are you thrilled about season three?? I’m sure you are! We want to hear from you!

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