Stop What You’re Doing– 5 Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

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We often hear about the top shows on Netflix, the shows that we must watch, but what about the shows that you don’t often hear about? Or what about the shows that you aren’t sure that you want to start because of everything that you have heard about them? There are tons of good shows on Netflix, but Netflix Update hand picked the top five! Check them out below!

Peaky Blinders

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Call them the original gangsters, if you will. The Shelby family is anything but royal in Birmingham, England. They’re feared and that is how they gain the respect of others. They go so far as sewing razor blades in their hats to feign off enemies when they must. They’re strong and loyal men, but they’ve got their own personal battles that they’ve got to fight too. Currently, Netflix has three seasons on Netflix with six hour long episodes.

Estimated release date for season four? November/December 2017.


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Jason Bateman gets a gold star with this performance as he takes the roll of a lost financial advisor, Marty Byrde,  that bites off more than he can chew when he gets himself when he involves himself in the drug cartel to make bigger bank. Life isn’t what it seems to the outsiders with the perfect Byrde family, but it surely isn’t what it seems to them either with all the lies and deceit rolling through their home. Check out the Byrde family as they transition into their new, unknowing life of more lies.

Although season two hasn’t been promised yet, it’s hopeful that it will be. We hope it follows the same schedule as season one and comes out in July of 2018. There are ten episodes that are an hour long!

Pretty Little Liars

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A teenage drama that will suck you in. There is a sense of mystery about the show that leaves you wanting more. Four friends mourn the loss of their beloved friend when she disappears one night. That’s where the mystery starts.  The newspapers declare her dead, but is she really gone? The series is finished and the entire series is on Netflix. That’s right, all seven seasons are on Netflix with roughly 20+ episodes in each season at almost an hour long each.

The Last Kingdom

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Historically factual, The Last Kingdom follows the Danes and the Saxons as they battle their way through gaining England. While not all of the events are factual, a majority of them are. We follow one Saxon turned Dane though his journey. Who will win England?

We won’t see season three until 2019, but in the meantime there are two seasons on Netflix with 8 episodes at an hour long each.


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Modeled after the original show from the 1980’s, GLOW or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is a fact based show as well. The show follows, very loosely, the events of the real show. While the show follows similar characters of the original show, this Netflix original really takes the cake and give you a great show.

The series has 10 episodes at 30 minutes each on Netflix now and season two hasn’t been announced.

The top five that we’ve picked for you are not only great shows, but they become part of your life. You become invested in them as you watch them. Isn’t that what makes a good show… Good? Tell us what you think of the the top five shows that we’ve chosen! Tell us your top five list too! We love hearing from you!

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