Stephen King’s Movie, 1922, Reviewed

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Stephen King is thee guy when it comes to writing about horror. His books are best known as the end all when it comes to mystery, suspense, and horror. There is nothing like the mind of Stephen King. He is deemed the most successful writer in American history.

Not surprising since he has written at least 90 novels. He has written movies, television shows, and even acted. Stephen King is the ultimate– Which is why you’ll want to check out 1922 on Netflix.

1922 is an eerie and chilling movie. While this novella was a quick read, around 131 pages, the movie is nail biting. While you may have been on the edge of your seat reading the book, you will definitely be over the edge watching the movie.

It isn’t so much that the movie is spine-chillingly-scary, it is more so that it plays on real fears. The one big one in this movie? Rats. There are rats everywhere. The infestation not only visually takes over, but it physically takes over too.

Let us catch you up… The movie is set in Hemingford, Nebraska. Wilfred James, his wife, Arlette, and their son move to their new homestead after his wife inherits the farmland and the house Arlette’s father left her.

The movie opens with Wilfred admitting that he killed his wife for the financial gain. As the movie progresses, he attempts to justify the killing. Even worse? He roped his son into helping murdering his mother.

After the father and son duo admit what they’ve done was wrong, strange occurrences start happening after they burry their wife and mother. And by strange, I mean, rats. Rats start appearing everywhere, following the father and son duo around.

The rats aren’t the only thing wrong with his life. As things start going haywire with more than just the rats, Wilfred is sure that his wife is haunting him. I mean– Wouldn’t you?? I would come back with a vengeance and haunt my killer too.

Rebecca Murray from Showbiz Junkies said, “1922 is a slow burn, a psychological horror tale that weaves a simple yet captivating story.”

1922 really makes you give into your deep, dark fear of rodents. You’ll be left hooked and ready for the next move of the film.

A loyal Netflix subscriber said, “If you love Stephen King this will be a favorite. I found this by mistake and had pushed start before I realized what I had done I was already hooked”

If you’d like to watch a horror film that will give you all the greatness of horror, check out 1922 on Netflix now. You won’t regret it.

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