Stephen King Has Got It Going On– Not Clowning Around Either

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We all know Stephen King has knack for writing horror classics. We are well aware of his hand at horror. King wrote about changing history in 11.22.63, so he doesn’t always write about deathly, freaky horrors. But most recently he has been in the media for his upcoming debut of the remake of IT. 

Originally a novel written by King back in 1986, then made into a movie in 1990. The novel was based on the lurking evil in a small town. The monster, known as “IT” appears mostly in the form of a clown and it feeds off of the fears of it’s victims.

There are seven children that try to band together to take IT down, but the monster is too strong playing off of their fears. His marker enticing his young victims is a red balloon. The red balloon is sort of his trademark. The remake is set to appear on September 8– Pranksters in a small town are awfully excited about it too.

Photo courtesy of the Lititz Borough Police Dept. Facebook Page

But enough about that, after the debut of the remake of Stephen King’s, IT, we have another masterpiece to look forward to. Gerald’s Game, based on the novel written by King in 1992. While the novel mainly takes place in the mind of Jessie Burlingame, it was determined that it would be hard to film.

That didn’t stop Mike Flanagan, the director of the thriller, from letting his idea flow. This movie isn’t about the normal horrors that we would see in King’s novels or film adaptions, but it is more about the psychological aspect than anything as described by Flanagan.

The Director of Gerald’s game said, “The horror of it is borne out of repressed trauma and it’s set against this immediate survival story,” explained Flannagan. “But there are no distractions. There are no other humans in this room. The threats aren’t a monster coming around the corner or a ghost crawling down the stairs. The threat is time.”

The novel and the film adaption follow Gerald and Jessie Burlingame as they vacation in a small cabin in Maine. They begin their game, a very Fifty Shades of Grey game, I might add, but don’t get very far. Gerald, who handcuffed Jessie to the bed to play their sexual game, has had a heart attack and died. This leaves Jessie to fend for herself; There are no neighbors, no nourishment, and no cellphones around that she can reach. How will she survive?

So while this may not be a horror movie like we are used to seeing from King, it will definitely be one of those movies to play with our minds. The movie will be released to Netflix on September 29 for horror junkies to enjoy. Are you excited for this Stephen King overload? I know we are!


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