Staff Picks for Weekend Binge Watching!

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Staff Picks are Available!   Here at we want to give you a variety of choices in a fast easy format.  The Staff Picks will offer a list of shows and movies that our staff  is watching or have watched and loved.  All recommendations are available on Netflix.

Staff Picks

the get down
Tony B-Hosting Administrator

Well, its a love story written in a different time I guess. Its a focus on the 70’s music scene. Follows a kid from the Bronx. To me, its neat to see their impression of the 70’s and not only that, its this like… underground music scene. Its kinda non-fiction in a way as it follows the kid on a somewhat…. To me an unreal journey. From the kid just being good with poems and rhymes to applying it to a beat with, at least in the show’s depictions of them, rather famous people. Grand master Flash is the most famous one I suppose. But then there is the story of the main character Zeke, also trying to… date or get into a relationship with a female friend of his. So. Zeke is trying to do his rhyming music stuff, and shes trying to sing disco music. And as the show progresses, you see Zeke struggled to accomplish his dream, with some setbacks, but he makes progress. You also see his female friend, eventual… I guess girlfriend? Record an actual song. So, its a little bit of a love story, while following the success of these two. Different paths but similar goals. He goes a more underground route and she goes a “legitmate” path.

I still have episode 6 to watch and I’m actually starting over right now to make sure I got a good grasp of the series. But. That’s my impression of the show. Plus, the 70’s New York is just cool looking. Or at least how they paint it.


Black Mirror

Reid G- Jr. Web Developer

This British TV show consists of episodes which are basically stand-alone short films. Each episode examines modern society and usually deals with the good and bad sides of technology. They are mostly based in theoretical futures were certain advanced technologies exist, and the potential pitfalls of them. Many of them are a bit “dark” in tone and content, so not ideal for younger viewers.



Derik B- Project Manager
A spin-off from a one-time character from Bones. The character’s are some of the most interestingly developed of any show and it was the last show Michael Clark Duncan worked on. Downside: they only made one season because MCD died mid season 2, which made the finale of season 1 the series finale and was super sad/depressing and yet surprisingly excellent as a series finale.
Parenthood (2010)
Jordan K.- Digital Marketing Specialist
It follows 4 grown siblings who are dealing with the struggles of parenthood in their own way. A spinoff of the 1989 movie “Parenthood”, this show is constantly tugging at your heartstrings. It draws a lot of attention to the Autism community and won awards for doing so. It’s a show that everyone can enjoy regardless if you’re a parent or not.    Six seasons is the perfect length for a series, just long enough but not  too long that you’re sick of it. If you want to laugh and cry in every single episode, I highly suggest it.   I became so entrenched in this show and was seriously heartbroken in the last episode.   Rumor has it they might bring it back for a reunion.

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